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  1.  What Wii Fit should have been


    This is no game, but is a fab way to get fit using the Wii from the comfort of your own home. If you're like me and don't like visiting a gym, or don't feel like going out to an aerobics class once you've got home from a long day at work, then this is a great alternative.

    It is effectively an exercise class in your living room; each session is unique, pulled together from 500 different exercises, at a level to suit your abilities (you interact to say how hard you're finding the routine and Maya will reduce or increase the intensity next time)

    You can also choose your daily focus depending on how you're feeling, eg upper body, cardio, core body, lower body, yoga etc.

    The one downfall is that there seems to be a lack of explanation in the instructions about unlocking new rooms and music, as seen by the various questions raised on blogs etc. I fell foul of this and did numerous workouts without getting any unlocks. It seems that in order to obtain a workout credit that actually counts towards unlocking, you have to do a workout on the exact day that you've pre-set in your calendar and for the preset time for that day. If you can't make a commitment on fixed days (as I can't) for the same day / length each week, then I've found a "cheat" - instead of setting your calendar in advance, then after loading your profile & before selecting your workout, ensure you set your calendar for that day for the length of time you're planning to exercise, and remove any commitment for any other days. If you do this each time you exercise (it only takes an extra minute) you will never 'miss' a workout, and you'll get unlocks quicker.

    Some other reviews complain that the exercises are a bit repetitive, but then so are aerobics classes / videos. Wii Fitness Coach gets you to do reps of say 10 then rest for 10 seconds then do another set of 10 reps which seems reasonable to me.

    Overall, the best Wii 'game' I've got. I also have Wii Cardio Fitness Coach, which is mainly Boxing, so I use that for upper body workouts and Wii Fitness Coach for Core / lower / cardio etc. The yoga doesn't rock my boat, and Maya's a bit quiet during the Yoga routines which doesn't help when you don't know what you're doing, but still good!

    Doesn't keep stopping for you to select new exercises like Wii Fit.
    Chose your daily focus for exercise (eg upper body, core body etc)
    Set your time eg 15, 30, 45, 60 mins (every little helps!)
    Every workout is different so never gets boring.
    Intensity is set to a level you can (in theory) cope with!

    There is only intermittent interaction (wii remote is not used so Maya can't tell if you're keeping up, or on the sofa with a huge bar of chocolate)
    She doesn't give you much time to get any equipment ready so you have to have it out ready to use and move to it quickly, but you can see ahead to know what exercise is next.

    The pro's far outweigh the con's and I'm really pleased I've got this (and Wii Fitness Coach Cardio). Stopped using Wii Fit as it is not in the same league.