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  1.  Disappointment, is the word. [DEMO REVIEW]


    Before playing the demo, I was eagerly awaiting Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. A lot. I had even spent many hours discussing the possibilities with my friends. You see, the concept and plot both sounded original and refreshing - which is an extremely big bonus for any game set from a yank-perspective around the time of WWII. To further heighten my awaiting of the game, all the articles and previews I had read were generally positive, and all commended the game's unique gameplay. 'This game will be brilliant!', I told myself.

    And then I played the demo.

    Gosh, where can I start? The graphics? Terrible. Absolute trash. It looked as if I was playing a Last-Gen game from start to finish. The environment itself was blocky, messily textured, and unnecessarily awkward to navigate around. The end of the demo should have been a real special-effect's treat, too, as the player is seemingly swamped by an avalanche of smoke and rubble. In reality, and in-engine, however, it looked as if the player was simply being chased by a really, really big rock.

    The AI, sadly, was also horrid, with enemies standing around stupidly before randomly twigging that you are, as is obviously evident by the lack of SS-attire, the enemy. You'd think that having such seemingly wooden AI would make it easy to kill the intruding invaders, too, wouldn't you? But no; it doesn't, and it leads me directly onto my next point.

    The controls; I should I say, the lack thereof. Movement is EXTREMELY sluggish - so much so, in fact, that you would be forgiven for thinking that the sensitivity had been set on Low by mistake. Alas, it wasn't. Somehow the developers had decided that 'aggravatingly unhurried' best suited the 'Normal' [and default] benchmark. Honestly, I don't even want to think what Low would be like. Yet, naturally as any gamer would do, I assumed that bumping it up to High would fix this. Did it? Christ, no; not at all. In fact, it just made matters a lot worse. The camera is near impossible to control when set on this level, with every little touch sending it soaring off in whatever direction you indicated. Seriously. Instead of shooting dead the advancing enemy, you will more than likely spend your time feeling queasy as you watch the camera dart across the environment whilst your thumbs feebly attempt to regain its control.

    The actual concept of the demo (and first level?) also doesn't make much sense, either. We're lead to believe that an entire squadron of Nazi planes has been able to invade America without even raising an alarm, and then, as the player is given control at the start of the level, we witness the very same invading planes begin to get shot down in the middle of Manhattan. What's wrong about that, you ask? About time we killed those dirty Nazis! Well yes, it is, but the problem lies within the fact that there isn't even a single Anti-Aircraft gun anywhere in the skyline in front of you. The planes are simply falling from the sky; midway through spontaneously combusting. It would have been quite a sight if it wasn't so ugly.

    The game's developers have since came out and said that the demo is extremely outdated, and that the current, and near-enough final product, is much better. I can honestly hope so, as otherwise Turning Point: Fall of Liberty could give Hour of Victory a run for its money as the worst 360 game to be released.

    Here's hoping they're not lying.

  2.  Do NOT judge the game on it's lag!


    Yes, we all know there is lag during the cutscenes. Yes, we know there is lag online, but atleast give Konami time to FIX these problems. They have publically stated they are working on a patch, so give them some time!

    The replay lag in no way affects the gameplay, so don't listen to the guys say otherwse. As for the Live lag, many of the people who reviewed that step, played the game before it was officially released, and thus, before Konami could sort out their servers.

    The game is fantastic, and feels just like Pro Evo should. A markable improvement over PES6, too, making for a great social game.

  3.  One of my all time favourites.


    Without a doubt, Gladiator is one of my all time favourite films. The acting is utterly superb, and the action and special effects are top notch.

    The movie is completely filled to the brim with memorable quotes, and the ending is just perfect. One of the few films that can really move me, no matter how many times I see it.

    A must see for any and everyone! Now stop reading this and go watch it already!

  4.  Next-Gen Evolution


    As an avid Pro Evolution Soccer fan since it's creation, PES6 was always on my must-buy list, but I never could have imaged how much fun I'd have with PES6.

    With the addition of Achievements, I felt compelled to spend my time playing through all the world's league's, completing them to the best of my ability (which happens to be Top Player) in order to win the elusive cup(s).

    As well as that, the addition of Xbox Live was incredible. Playing with friends from around the world is always crazy, but when it involves football, it's even crazier. Despite the rare lag/connection problems, the gameplay is generally seamless, with there being hardly any noticable different from the Offline play.

    As for the core gameplay itself, what can I say? It's Pro Evo, so we know it's good. The animations are excellent, and ingame ball physics very attentive to the player and environment.

    Overall, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 has done it again, and comes out on top, above Fifa, once more. A must buy for all football fanatics.

  5.  Who knew being the good guys could be so much fun?


    Imagine GTA. Now imagine you're the cops. Now imagine you're 8 foot tall and have got super powers. Big difference, huh?

    That's what Crackdown is all about; being different. The gameplay is so much different and unique to anything else you would have played that it's unreal. You can literally spend hours jumping from rooftop to rooftop, without a care in the world, taking out gang members as you see fit and just generally doing your civic duties.

    However, if you think that sounds fun, wait until you check out co-op mode. You can team up with a friend and literally go all over, wiping out those gang scum with twice the force! Or, alternatively, you can split up, and go about your business seperately. That is, however, until you see eachother jumping from the rooftops like Spiderman on crack.

    Crackdown's graphics are also awesome, with the entire game having a very subtle cellshaded line-art feel and look. This aids with the game's setup, and generally makes the whole thing feel a lot more comic-book'ish and extreme.

    So, for anyone who loves great graphics and gameplay, rounded off with superhuman powers, then this is the game for you.

  6.  Time to close shut the jaws of Oblivion? Not just yet.


    For a game thats tagline tells you to close it's namesake, this is definitely something you won't want to do upon playing. Quite frankly, Oblivion is, without a doubt, one of the more addictive titles avaliable today.

    The in-game world is huge. Crazy huge. And beautiful, too. If at any one time you think you've seen it all, suddenly you'll notice a brand new area with wonderous details, and you'll be instantly drawn in. It really would take weeks to see it all.

    And believe me, I've tried.

    As for Oblivion's main storyline - if you choose to partake in it - it's awesome. The characters are very well developed and rounded, and have genuine personalities that sound out. The AI dialog is always entertaining, and does well to keep the player interested and focused at all times. The plot itself is very inviting, and does well to blend the fantasy and horror genres seamlessly.

    For a game that is now over a year old, Oblivion continues to shine, and is a must-have for any lover of the RPG or Fantasy genre.

  7.  The Next-Generation is here.


    Quite simply, the Xbox 360 is what next-gen gaming is all about. Great design, beautiful graphics, superb sound, and amazing gameplay.

    Every day, the 360 grows from stength to strength. From it's ever-growing range of games, to its increasing exclusivity, to the awesome service that is Xbox Live. It's truly wonderful.

    If you're a gamer, and want the best out there, this is definitely the choice for you. The Xbox 360 is, without a doubt, the best product on the market. Don't be fooled by the PS3's hype, or the Wii's low price-tag - the 360 is what gaming is all about.

    Highly recommended to any and everyone.

  8.  A superb product.


    I bought my Wireless Adaptor when I first went Live, and I haven't looked back since. The setup (router wise) was very easy, and took no more than a matter of minutes tops.

    The console setup itself was extremely easy, and simply meant plugging the unit into the 360. No hassle, no mess.

    As for the quality of the signal strength, don't worry. I've had my 360 posistioned all around my house over the course of the year, and have never had any problems with the signal breaking. Truly remarkable for its size.

    I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to experience Xbox Live, whether they're in direct reach of their router or not.

  9.  Well worth the purchase.


    When I first bought my Wireless Headset, it was purely for the fact that I was tired to lugging around a controller when I wanted to talk via Live. However, as I continued to use it, I found myself enjoying it more and more.

    The battery life is of a good length in general, and recharging is very simple. The sound quality is suberb, and the clarity of speech is improved upon from the original [wired] headset.

    Additionally, the sleek look and simplistic design matches the 360 perfectly, and the product itself fits comfortably on the ear. I've found myself several times forgetting I was wearing it, and having a new sense of freedom while gaming on the 360.

    A must buy for any hard-core/anti-wire 360 user.

  10.  Great potential, terrible execution.


    What can I say about the PS3? From the moment it was released, it's just gone from bad to worse. The Sony team originally slated both Microsoft and Nintendo for what they saw as gimmicks, then went on to include much more basic versions for themselves. For those who don't believe this, look at the SixAxis and it's motion sensor.

    Now for the list of games; quite frankly, there are none. None that scream out "Buy a PS3!" anyway. Resistance is, if I'm brutally honest, mediocre. Genji is bland and Motorstorm is tedius after several hours. To everyone that wil read this and shout "but we have new games coming out!", well, think again. The PS3 is loosing exclusive after exclusive, and it's hitting the PS3 hard.

    Compaired to the 360 and the Wii, The PlayStation 3 is no competition. Not yet, anyway. It has potential, but that's only copied from what is already out on the market by it's rivals.

    Overall, the PS3 is overpriced, overhyped and overly disappointing. If anyone is looking for a top notch gaming console, choose the 360, and save yourself a couple hundred quid.