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  1.  The last and worst season of CSI Miami


    CSI Miami Season 10 is without a doubt the worst season of this show. The start of the season does continue the decent quality that was seen in Season 9. However, as Season 10 progresses, the stories get to be very boring and the acting among the cast very lifeless and poor. It was clear this TV show was coming to an end mid way through this season, the whole production lacks energy and seems extremely lazy. All this builds up to what must be the worst ending for a TV show ever. The finale is unbelievably dull and devoid of anything remotely interesting. Whilst CSI Miami has been a mixed bag over it's ten year run, it did deserve a better finale than this. Overall, incredibly disappointing season and after this season it was clear CSI Miami had run it's course. Check out CSI Miami seasons 2,5,6 and 9 which showcase the show at it's best.

  2.  Decent Season of CSI Miami


    Season 9 of CSI Miami is much improved over the previous 2 seasons. One of the key reasons for this is the lack of Emily Procter as Calleigh. She has over recent seasons become the most annoying character ever. During the filming of the 9th season, her appearances were little more than a couple of shots each episode, sitting down in a lab not saying much. This was due to her pregnancy during filming. Other reasons why this season is better than a couple of the previous ones were that the stories were slightly less ridiculous. Also, pretty much every episode contains hilarious Horatio scenes where he tries to be serious and act all vigilante. Overall then, Season 9 is more of the usual CSI Miami, minus the most annoying character ever and combine that with a few interesting stories and hilarious Horatio scenes and you're onto a winner (by CSI standards).

  3.  Hugely Underrated


    Miami Vice is a hugely underrated and misunderstood movie, and to be frank I can understand why. For old Miami Vice fans it bears no relation to the TV show other than location and character names. For it's potential new audience, it was advertised in trailers as something that it wasn't. The trailers featured many scenes that never made it into the movie, much of them appear to be action based. Naturally, some movie goers would therefore have been disappointed that the end result may not have been what they were expecting. I left the cinema after watching this movie with a fairly mixed reaction.
    It wasn't until I got this film on DVD and subsequently Blu-Ray, that I really appreciated how good it was. Although on the face of it this movie may not appear to be like the TV show at all, in several key regards it is. The style of the movie from the Music, the scenery, the cars, suits, women, drug dealers, to the action, this film is spot on in terms of Miami Vice style, merely updated to the 21st century. The storyline isn't exceedingly strong, but then again there were only a handful of episodes in the TV show that had strong storylines. The TV show was labelled as being a key definer of the phrase 'style over substance', and in this regards the movie is spot on.
    I love watching the scenery in this movie and also the music is just fantastic throughout. Some of the action is really very very good, although it comes very few and far between. The acting on the whole is ok, with some great characters. Colin Farrell is spot on as Crockett. Jamie Foxx I believe however is a key weak link in the casting. His performance is lazy and uninspiring.
    Overall, for all those people who went to the Cinema to see this and came out disappointed, I implore you to watch this movie again. This movie get's better the more you watch it. Also, with regards to the Blu-Ray quality, it's stunning and makes the film even better to watch!

  4.  Back with a vengeance


    Season 6 part 1 was the low point of the series. However, part 2 redeems itself with a fantastic array of episodes. This part of season 6 closes out the Sopranos for good and it does it in style. All the episodes are fantastic, but the last 4 and in particular "The Blue Comet" stand out as some of the finest TV episodes that surely must have ever been created. Absolutely brilliant TV and I've thoroughly enjoyed watching The Sopranos from start to finish. I'm going to have to start all over again now!

  5.  Noticeably weaker


    All good things must come to an end, and in this case The Sopranos jumped the shark with the first half of season 6. The Sopranos, apart from only a very slight dip in quality in the 4th season has been consistently amazing up till now. It's a shame too because the season starts with one of my favourite episodes, "Members Only". This episode sets up the season very well. Unfortunately too much focus is placed on a particularly weak story arc and the season feels pretty mundane in places. There are still some great scenes along the way but generally, this season is slow. It picks up towards the end, "Cold Stones" and "Kaisha" are both good episodes. Thankfully, the Sopranos redeems itself with the 2nd part of Season 6.

  6.  Back to Business


    The 4th season is by no means bad but a noticeable dip in quality did occur (by The Sopranos standards anyway). The 5th season in my opinion rectify's that and is another fantastic season. It's not as good as the first 3 seasons but this is top class TV. The stories generally have a higher pace than in the 4th season and character development is excellent in this season. The tension in the season is quite high too with a brilliant build up towards the final 3 episodes which are all epic. The introduction of Steve Buscemi as Tony's cousin is a great addition to the series. Season highlights include Irregular Around the Margins, The Test Dream, Long Term Parking and All Due Respect. The style is on top form, the music fantastic, the stories great and the action great too. Overall, fantastic TV yet again from The Sopranos and better overall than the 4th season.

  7.  Still brilliant but ...


    The 4th season of The Sopranos is still brilliant TV, but it has a lot to live upto after the previous 3 seasons and it doesn't manage to hit the right buttons the first 3 seasons did. However, this is still brilliant as far as TV goes, the story lines generally continue to impress. However, some of the stories feel a little bit more mundane than usual and take longer to get going. The episode "whoever did this" however will go down as one of my top 10 episodes of all time and there are also plenty of other great episodes including the season opener and "Christopher". The finale is also a good episode but in my opinion not as good as many critics believe. Overall, great season of TV but compared to the previous seasons of The Sopranos it can't compete.

  8.  On a par with the 1st season


    Just when you think The Sopranos can't get any better after the 1st and 2nd seasons, the 3rd comes along with yet more fantastic stories to tell and yet more fantastic character developments. I would place this on a par with the 1st season, it's as enjoyable and has many memorable episodes. All the episodes are fantastic but Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood, Another Toothpick, University, Pine Barrens, Amour Fou and Army of One all stand out as some of the series best episodes. The music also starts to take more of a up front role in telling the stories with many memorable tracks in this season. Overall, this season is brilliant.

  9.  Continues the trend of excellence


    The 2nd season of The Sopranos continues the trend of excellence that started in the 1st season. The storyline continues to be epic with fantastic twists and huge amounts of tension building towards the fantastic closing episodes of the season. Yet again like with the first season, no drawbacks to think of, however I do feel the 1st season edges ahead every so slightly as more superior.

  10.  Fantastic TV


    After finishing all seasons of the The Sopranos, it's easily become my favourite TV show! It starts as it means to go on. High production values, fantastic writing, great action and perfect optics. Every episode has a feel of a mini movie to it. Every season of a TV show I've watched has always had at least one annoying character, not here however. Every single character is brilliant and their performances are top class. Regarding the Blu-ray quality, the odd scene is a bit grainy and a little off, but mostly it's excellent for a tv show of that time. Overall, this is an epic season of TV, everything about it is brilliant!