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  1.  Good TV but nothing special


    After the pretty dreadful 7th Season of CSI Miami, the show introduces a couple of new characters and takes on a much lighter approach in terms of the story-lines in the 8th Season. The new characters have made it a bit more different and a bit more interesting, in particular the addition of Walter Simmons is good as the character is fairly funny. The season on the whole does have a lighter style to the story-lines, CSI Miami was too serious in Season 7 and it didn't work. This season is much more enjoyable and fun to watch. So why 3 stars? Well there are still a fair few awful episodes, namely the first 2 and Emily Procter as Calleigh continues to be a serious irritant, peaking in the extremely ridiculous "backfire" episode where she see's a ghost. However, if you want to watch 24 episodes of a TV show that won't test your brain too much, painted with pretty filming techniques and a few jokes thrown in, this season of CSI Miami fits the bill. Season highlight is 'Time Bomb' towards the end.

  2.  Very average season


    Season 4, despite an amazing 2 part finale, is a very average season of CSI Miami. Seasons 2 & 3 were strong seasons but the stories started to plod along at a snails pace in this season. The efforts to produce character development and add some edge are poor and not very well crafted. Horatio getting married is boring and dull and simply serves a purpose for leading to a great finale. Funnily enough, Season 4 of Miami Vice has a lot of parallels with Season 4 of CSI Miami in terms of quality, soap opera style storyline but both boast a great 2 part finale that have similar story lines. Miami Vice did it first though!

  3.  Strong ending for 24


    Season 8 represents a strong ending for 24. Although this season is far from the best 24 has to offer (Seasons 1,3 & 5), it is an extremely strong performance and an excellent end to the best TV series ever. Season 8 starts strong with a good first 8 episodes. However the pace slows down to almost a crawl over the following 4 episodes or so. It then slowly picks up and then delivers quite possibly the most amazing run of episodes in the series history with the last 8 episodes. So yes, the middle part of this season is a bit weak, but that said there is some good action to keep it going. But the last 8 episodes more than make up for the weak middle. The story is amazingly good, the action terrific, the characters are top class and it's amazing fun to watch. It also becomes an emotional roller-coaster as the season draws closer to the end. Overall, I love Season 8 of 24 and the last 8 episodes are amazing. The re-introduction of Logan was a brilliant decision and allows an amazing story to develop. However, the middle of the season is a bit weak. Therefore this season is fantastic but the weak middle denies it from being up there with the best Seasons (1,3 & 5). However it is a bit better than Seasons 7+4 (also very strong seasons) and absolutely obliterates Seasons 2+6 (the weaker seasons of the series). I'm going to miss 24, but it certainly went out with a bang!!!

  4.  CSI Miami on top form


    This half season of CSI Miami is amazing. Although it has fewer episodes than normal due to the writers strike, the episodes are pretty much all very memorable, brimming with style, action and great stories. It all leads up to an excellent finale.

  5.  Ok start to Season 6


    The first half of Season 6 is fairly standard. Dangerous Son and Guerillas in the mist are fantastic episodes but the rest are fairly standard and formulaic. Part 2 of this season however is much stronger. So Part 1 is not awful but not brilliant either.

  6.  Has its moments ...


    This season certainly has it's moments but in all fairness, it's the weakest season to date. The only excitement is injected in the form of mob related story-lines which lead up to a decent finale. However the season opener after the excellent Season 6 finale is weak. In addition the acting is getting weak, we are seeing less Horatio and some of the characters in particular Eric and Calleigh are getting very annoying. To top all this, it looks like not one episode of this season is actually filmed in Miami. So it's a forgetful season, and to be fair CSI Miami should probably have bowed out gracefully at the end of Season 6.

  7.  Getting a bit repetitive


    Season 5 regenerated Hustle in a big way and was a successful season. Season 6 is more of the same, which isn't a bad thing but this TV show is starting to lack new and interesting ideas. Some of the cons this season seemed repetitive. The angle of the cops getting involved and being out smarted has been done before a million times in Hustle. That said, the style of Hustle is on top form, the acting remains at the same level as Season 5 and it is enjoyable to watch in parts. So overall good but stories are getting repetitive now. Better than Seasons 3 & 4 though, but not as good as 1,2 & 5.

  8.  Good start


    Good start for Brosnan as Bond. Decent story, lots of action, some good humour and good performances all round. Enjoyable film.

  9.  One of the best


    Brosnan's best Bond movie, I enjoy most of it. Things slow down when they move to Saigon but the finale is great. Awesome car chase in this film.

  10.  Average


    After 2 great Brosnan bond movies, the wheel's start to fall off. TWINE has an awesome pre-credits sequence and some good action throughout the film. The story isn't too bad either. However, Renard is a poor villain and Denise Richards however hot she may be is irritating. Also the nice BMW Z4 is not used enough in this film. Average film then overall.