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  1.  Dire


    Probably my least favourite Bond movie after Lazenby's awful OHMSS. The only redeeming feature is the very cool car chase. However, everything else is ridiculous, the bond girls are annoying, the villain is rubbish and even Pierce Brosnan starts to annoy me in this film. A disaster of a film in my opinion, but I do love that car chase!

  2.  James Bond is back


    After a slow decline in quality during the Brosnan years, the James Bond franchise needed to be regenerated. Casino Royale delivers and it's fantastic. Great action, awesome storyline, it's filmed very well and has some very decent characters. I thought the card playing at the casino would have been boring but no, it was very suspenseful and enjoyable to watch.

  3.  Disappointing after Casino Royale


    Quantum boasts some awesome action sequences, but where's the story? This film never really slows down and therefore feels quite empty. It's also quite short. Hopefully the next Bond movie will have more story development but if you like action, watch this!

  4.  Nothing special


    Good film but there is nothing definitive about this entry in the James Bond films. It doesn't do anything particularly badly but it also doesn't do anything particularly well. Enjoyable in parts however.

  5.  Good, not great


    The first half of this film is great with the fantastic 2CV car chase and skiing scene with some decent music. However the pace slows to almost a crawl in the second half of the film which is a great shame and get's too serious. Fantastic first half though and this film probably has the best pre-credits sequence of all the Bond movies.

  6.  Probably the best Bond movie


    Excellent film. Great action, story (even though it's just You Only Live Twice altered a little bit) and some good acting. Roger Moore performs very well. The main villain is a little bland, but Jaws is fantastic.

  7.  Good entry


    This was a tough one to rate, 3.5 stars would probably settle it but I've rounded it to 4. It's a good film, some nice action and decent locals. Scaramanga is a terrific villain and Nick Nack decent as-well. The downsides of this film include the poor performance of Miss Goodnight and the film can be a bit ridiculous in places. Overall however, enjoyable to watch but far from the best Bond movie.

  8.  One of my faves


    This is an awesome James Bond film. Roger Moore did extremely well in his first role as the suave spy. The story is brilliant, the music brilliant, the action brilliant, the acting brilliant ... everything is brilliant. It also features a fantastic bunch of villains including Kananga, Tee-Hee, Baron Samedi, all fantastic. Great start for the best James Bond actor, Roger Moore.

  9.  Easily one of the worst Bond movies


    Moonraker is basically The Spy Who Loved me but set in Space and about a million times more ridiculous. It didn't hold my attention and I found it very boring in places. Hugo Drax was a very bland villain. Not the worst Bond movie, but certainly Roger Moore's worst. The only good thing about this film is Roger Moore manages to perform well and manages to amuse at times.

  10.  Well I quite liked it!


    Usually confined to the list of worst James Bond movies, I actually found A View to a Kill to be an enjoyable film and a worthy entry. That said, it isn't perfect. The Bond girls are amongst the worst to be ever featured in a Bond film and Roger Moore is getting a bit long in the tooth here, although I commend him for trying and at-least he maintained a good sense of humour. Onto the positives, A View to a Kill features the best Soundtrack of all the James Bond films, features the best Villain of all the James Bond films played fantastically by Christopher Walken and also features one of the best climax's of all the James Bond films. There is plenty of action to keep the story going including the fantastic pre-credits sequence. So overall yes there are bad aspects to this film, but overall I enjoyed it and it certainly makes my top 10 Bond movies.