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  1.  Takes it's time to get going


    This season certainly takes it's sweet time to get going. The first 13 episodes or so are fairly boring and dull with a few cool bits in there but otherwise very slow and a waste of time. And then for the final 8 or 9 episodes this season explodes into a fantastic storyline and a heap of great action. The problem with this season is it lacks consistency, the slow storyline of the first half of the season needed more action to keep up the pace but unfortunately it didn't. Not the worst season of 24, that's Season 6 but definitely below the series average.

  2.  Another great season


    Another great season with a lot of action. However, the storyline isn't exactly complex or really that interesting at all. This season is still enjoyable to watch but the storyline is fairly basic until the last 4 or 5 episodes where everything comes together. Still a great season though and better than Seasons 2 & 6.

  3.  Hustle regenerated


    After the awful 3rd season and average 4th season, a significant change in Hustle was needed. The 5th season delivers in that respect. This season whilst maintaining the traditional charm of Hustle has become a little bit more serious and less slapstick which makes it more akin to Season 1 of the show. The addition of two new characters was nice and the deletion of Stacey and Danny, Stacey in particular was very welcome. The new cast are much stronger together, the stories have got better and I just enjoyed this season quite a lot. Nice to see Hustle return to the quality show it was back in the early days, now let's hope Season 6 is as good!

  4.  An improvement on the 3rd season


    Although this season is an improvement on the 3rd season thanks to some good story choices, it's still far from the good old days of Seasons 1 & 2. Having two of the episodes set in L.A and Las Vegas was a nice touch and added some spice to the series. However, Stacey continues to be an awful character and Danny is starting to become quite hateful too - a few problems that are solved in the next series of Hustle!

  5.  What happened?


    Seasons 1 & 2 were fantastic and then everything went horribly wrong in this season. Everything became too slapstick, the stories were on the whole dreadful, and the acting became very wooden. The bollywood themed episode was a low point for the entire run of Hustle so far. I don't know how a TV series I liked so much could produce the rubbish in this 3rd season. However, things improve slightly next series.

  6.  Good stuff


    Series 2 is good, the stories aren't as strong as Series 1 however. The humour is more evident in this series and the general quality of the show is still strong, just not as strong as the 1st series.

  7.  The original and the best


    Hustle starts very strongly in this first series. The introduction of all the characters is interesting and fun. However already at this stage Stacey is the weakest of the bunch but it's not too much of an issue in this series. The stories are imaginative and exciting to watch. The last episode is the strongest with a great horse racing themed con! A great start to the TV show.

  8.  Another very good season of CSI Miami


    CSI Miami Season 5 is very good and improves on the previous season. The stories are better, the music is good, the style is great and there is some humour too. The episode Rio is filmed on location which is nice and the end of the Season is very strong also with a few episodes actually filmed in Miami. My favourite episode is Curse of the Coffin, it has some really cool scenes and also the two parter just after the middle of the season is also very strong but I don't want to ruin the great story for you. This isn't the best CSI Miami season, Season 2 is and that's because some episodes are slightly ridiculous and the way it's filmed with the bright lights is sometimes annoying. But overall, a fantastic season.

  9.  The King of Clarkson video's


    The original Clarkson video and the best Clarkson video. Extremely enjoyable and a great warp back in time to the cars of the mid 90's.

  10.  Strictely average


    This DVD is filmed in a great location, lovely scenery, the cars are stunning but it's basically Clarkson driving them on the same road for an hour and a half ... it get's fairly boring and repetitive.