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  1.  Probably the best Clarkson DVD's of recent years


    This is a great Clarkson DVD and certainly better than some of the recent ones e.g Thriller and Dual. Because he goes to America it offers something different rather than the usual driving around in good super cars because a lot of American cars are poor which means there is more humour and more interesting stuff to be done in this DVD. This is still no match for Clarkson unleashed on cars however, the daddy of all Clarkson video's!

  2.  Established


    The first half of this season is very average but it certainly improved in the second half. So many good episodes, great music, great action, great stories to be told. Character development hasn't hit the right level yet but this is a great half season.

  3.  Trying to find itself


    The first half of Season 1 struggles in a way to find a consistent direction. There are some pretty weak episodes in this first half, and it's boring at times. That said Golden Parachute, Wet Foot/Dry Foot, Kill Zone and Broken are all very good episodes. Part 2 of this season is amazingly good however.

  4.  Good stuff


    Another good season of CSI Miami, not as good as season 2 though. There are some weaker episodes, less music than in season 2 and I'm not overly keen on Ryan Wolfe. However, there are also some great episodes, and the end of the season comes together very nicely. Also this season has many great Horatio one liners prior to the credits.

  5.  Strongest season of CSI Miami


    This is the strongest season of CSI Miami. There is a good bunch of episodes, a fair few filmed in Miami, some great stories and good action. Also I rate Tim Speedle a much better character than Ryan Wolfe of later CSI Miami seasons. The music is also quite good. Everything comes together in this season after Season 1 was developing the show ... ! A worthy buy.

  6.  24 looses it


    24 has for the most part been consistently fantastic up until this season. The stories seem ridiculous, the torture over the top, the characters rubbish and some very annoying, the action is good but has been done before. This season proved that 24 needed a change in direction and thankfully Season 7 delivered. That all said, it is enjoyable in places particular in the middle of the season!

  7.  Great season!


    After the in all fairness, poor Season 6, the 24 producers really needed to turn the series around and they have done very successfully in this season of 24. Season 7 introduces many new characters and they mix well with old one's, the stories are much better and the action top notch aswell. Jon Voight as Jonas Hodges is a particular highlight and the Starkwood story arc is fantastic. Unfortunatly however, the final 6 episodes of the season are not in tune with the rest of the season and are in all honesty fairly average. Yes there's still good action but the story goes right off track and a very bland villain is introduced. Nevertheless, the first 18 episodes of this season make it a very worthy buy and overall it's a great season of 24. Back on form.

  8.  First half great, 2nd half weaker


    Nothing really to fault in the first half of this season but from Cuba Libre onwards, the season is very mixed. There are still some very good episodes but the last 4 episode of this season in particular are a very weak affair. But the first half is so strong that it makes this season overall a very good season of Miami Vice, not as good as seasons 1 and 2 but certainly better than 4 and 5.

  9.  Best season


    The best season of Miami Vice, everything is perfect about it; the music, the action, the style, the stories ... very good stuff.

  10.  A mixed bag


    This season is a slight improvement on Season 4 but it still has it's problem episodes; Miracle Man, Cell within and Leap of faith. However, there are some fantastic episodes like the 2 part season premier and finales. The music is darker but certainly fits the mood of the episodes very well. I do love this season sometimes but I can't just ignore that it also contains some of the worst episodes of Miami Vice ever.