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  1.  Brilliant


    Awesome start to an awesome series. Jack Bauer is a legendary TV character and right from Day 1 he was fantastic. The action is great and the storyline is brilliant in this one. It isn't the best season of 24 (season 5 is) but it is a close joint 2nd for me with Season 3. Essential TV!

  2.  Fantastic


    Not the best Season of 24, but Season 3 certainly gives Season 5 a good run for it's money. Jack Bauer is on the edge in this one and it add's so much to the show. All the characters are great and this season features some of the best villains of the whole series. There is lots of great action, some of the best action scenes of the whole series. Also this season has the best episode of the whole series 6am-7am but I won't state why as it would ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet; truly epic and emotional episode. The musical score in this season is probably the best out of all the seasons too. Only let down really is that Kim Bauer is a bit annoying. But overall, great season, great TV!

  3.  Best 24 Season and probably the best TV you'll ever see!


    Fantastic season, there is nothing I can criticise about this season. The story, the characters, the twists, the action, the music, the suspense ... ! This is excellent TV and a must for anyone.

  4.  Top Class


    Legendary TV show and a great 1st season. Only episode I really don't like is The Maze but the rest of this season is top class. A worthy purchase. Great music, style, action, stories ... I can see why this TV show caused such a stir in the 80's!

  5.  For true Vice fans only perhaps


    When this Season get's it right, it's brilliant. Death and The Lady, Child's Play, Love at First Sight, Indian Wars, Baseballs of Death, Deliver us from Evil and Mirror Image are all fantastic episodes. However, this season is let down by some seriously poor stories; Missing Hours, Cows of October and the two worst and it's hard to believe you are watching Miami Vice when you consider what the show used to be like. Also Crockett's marriage makes this season sometimes feel more like a Soap Opera rather than an action show. I love this season at times and then it's completely ridiculous at other times, certainly a roller-coaster of a season for viewers, up and down, up and down in terms of Quality.