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  1.  Pretty good ...


    This game to me feels like a cross between Half Life and Bioshock, it uses the Unreal engine and instead of "magic" used in Bioshock your left hand has a tech device used for combat and puzzle solving etc. Graphics are lovely and the game is atmospheric. My only criticism is that it is a little short and linear. Definately worth a play through for the story and game.

  2.  You don't need to be a fan ...


    You don't need to be a fan of American Football to appreciate this film. It concentrates on the concequences of white and black american school merging ... following the combined black and white football team it highlights rasism, anger, frustration, friendship, honor and dignity. Excellent acting from all, I could not see any weak link. It has a message for all. I was glued from start to finish and there is not a dull moment throughout.
    From a non American Football fan .... I loved it, the football is a back story really. The real story is having the courage to stand up and do the right thing, to stick up for your friends and to do it with integrity.
    * Blu-Ray - it upscales very well on a Blu-Ray player as well - good crisp quality image.

  3.  Horrific / Superb


    "An eviction becomes a terrifying resurrection as E4 proudly presents Dead Set, the following program contains very strong language and horror which some viewers may find disturbing. Its best suited for wide screen viewing, surround sound and should be watched in a darkened room" .... And so I began watching. We follow characters centred in and around the Big Brother show, watching staff and participants as they build up to eviction night. Yet the outside world is falling into chaos. Dead Set is horrific, shocking, good, funny and depressing - that is how I felt after watching it. Its run time is almost 2 ½ hours. It draws you in and manages to cover many human traits such as betrayal, love, hope, desperation and how people deal with disaster when the chips are down. This show is a real must for zombie fans, but it is more than just a zombie horror, it pulls no punches and feels real. There is a depth to this program that many miss.

  4.  9 Episodes ...


    Please bear in mind that due to the writers strike in the US this initial season is only 9 episodes in length. That said its a good start to the show and a second season is planned. Most of the episodes are good, a couple are mediocre, but its well worth watching - particularly if you are a Terminator fan, it has great link ins with the film/s.

  5.  Short ... & Eventually Sweet


    Firstly ... to clear up something Lee1981 states below. Lee, there is no Americanism. The word "Series" relates to the title of any show (in its entirety), whether it be Heroes, Supernatural, CSI New York etc. The word "Season" relates to what production year the show is in. So this box set is Season 2 of the Heroes Series.

    This season of Heroes starts off a little dull, it concentrates to much on Hiro's situation but at around Episode 6 it starts to pick up and get quite good. It was also around that time that the creators of the show made an official apology to the fans and got the show back on track. This season was heavily effected by the writers strike so only has 11 episodes. It has some shocking moments towards the end and leaves you wanting to watch the next episodes right away.

  6.  Gripping


    If you enjoy action films with intelligence and emotion then buy this film, it delivers without the need for machine guns, rocket launchers, fast cars and choppers. With Apocalypto I found myself glued to the screen willing the main character success. Unlike most films I was not able to easily predict the direction it was taking and found this refreshing. Do not get put off by the fact it is subtitled, the film starts with some talking, but quickly takes you on a emotional and action packed ride which is not constantly interrupted by the characters talking continually to feed you the films message. It delivers via good acting, good directing and great visuals which really draw you into the film and keep you interested till the end. Regarding the end, I agree with NedRyarson, the ending is not strange, I found it interesting. I do not know a lot about the Mayans but everything about the film felt real and believable and in keeping with the time period.

  7.  Impressive Sci-Fi turning to Horror


    I watched this film last night and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to be Solaris with a little action - it is but also much more. If I were to compare it to any films I would say it's a mix of Solaris (which I found slow), Event Horizon (thought it was a great horror sci-fi) and a little of 2001 Space Odyssey. The film follows a crew of 8 on a mission to re-ignite our dying star the sun which has been fading and consequently caused many problems for the population of earth. The film centres around the crew and the mission, so don't expect to see some disaster movie Hollywood stuff on earth. What I liked about this film was its characters and how they dealt with potential impending doom and also what happens to them all and the sacrifices they make. I was suitably impressed with the camera shots and musical score, in the wrong hands I think this film could have been awful. All you have to do is accept the glaring error that humanity in just 50 years from now could have the technology to travel to the sun in a crewed space ship and have a device powerful enough to re-ignite something so huge as our sun ...... if you can accept that flaw (which I did from the start) you should enjoy the film and be surprised as I was. Enjoy.