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  1.  WOW just WOW buy it !!!


    been waiting for this game for ages and i managed to get it a few days early and it hasnt dissapointed firstly the graphics are outstanding from the characters to the world that you play in . the story is very very gripping you can tell there is a big storyline between hope and snow but you dont know what itis and not to mention the other four characters they all have very intresting backgrounds which you will find out more about as you progress all in all the i have to say the graphics are the best i seen in a game the story look great but beware WILL keep you entertained for the forseeable future so dont make any plans !!

  2.  Good game


    Diffrent to most regarding the graphics but dont let that stop you it has a very nice look and feel to it , starts of a little slow but when you get to your first boss it picks up from there im currently at level 6 and cant wait to see what lies ahead also it has replay value considering you have 4 characters to choose from and the amount of wepons wow so many to choose from also i like the upgrade features and the level up system first thoughts were that it wasnt worth the money and looked very poor have now changed all in all you may not like it but i certinly do and id advise you to give it a go

  3.  Based on Demo


    firstly id like to say that its a one of a kind i certinly cant think of any other games like it which is a good thing , the Graphics are brilliant characters look life like , the wheather ,cars , bulidings etc also very good the storyline looks like it could be very gripping a film and game in one hopefully its not as short as most films though , potentionally a great game only downsides to it that i saw from the demo was that i found the camera angle a little enoying at times and that you dont actually pick what action you take , the buttons flash up on the screen and you have to press them as you see them BUT id say its well worth a shout as it could be a very very good game hope this helped

  4.  ummmm


    Hmmm im not the biggest RPG fan but after i recently played fallout 3 and LOVED it , i had this recomended to me .... firstly the graphics arnt what i expected pretty much rubbish when you get to create your character not much to choose from at all. the controlls will take a while to get used to BUT from what iv seen so far it looks like the story to it is going to be intresting plus the choices you make have an effect on the storyline also its one of those games that you will get your moneys worth once you get into it purly from the length of the game ... if your a massive fan of RPG u may disagree and love it but for me 3 stars is a fair rating

  5.  such an improvement


    this game is a lot lot better than the 1st .. there are shops to buy upgrades for wepons armour etc the counters are much improved u have to rebuild a city from scratch buy and build fings for it ... storyline better so far no more waiting around for it to load and the graphics just WOW awsome game well worth the buy had it for 3 days now and only time i havnt played it is when at work :)