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  1.  Flawed but Genius


    Alone In The Dark brings some unique ideas to the table. Gamers tend to be overwhelmed nowadays, and locating a substantially under-rated title can be prove to be difficult. There are both positive points about Alone In The Dark, and there are negative points. There are numerous positive points - a complex, slightly surreal storyline, puzzle-based gameplay and huge cinematic set pieces. However, like anything, there are faults and Alone In The Dark is no exception. Before you begin to bathe in the myriad of mysterious persona's and crazed paranormal investigators, you must first endure a clunky and awkward set of gameplay mechanics. Whether it is the lack of polish, or inappropriate technology - Alone In The Dark is a grudging experience when it bails down to combat.

    However, despite a pit of technical hitches and poor animation, there is something strangely enticing about Alone In The Dark. You can almost feel the work that has been poured into developing this title from Eden Games. Yet despite all their efforts, Alone In The Dark proves only to be a 'just above average' experience.

    One factor of Alone In The Dark that makes in stand out, and is an excellent note to end the review - is its incredibly unique mission structure. The story itself is structured as though it was a continuing TV drama. If, for example, you find a particular section of the story difficult, you have the option to skip the encounter. Though you are rewarded for doing otherwise.

    Overall, if you're a fan of the 'Alone In The Dark' series, or have an interest in 'Psychological Thrillers' filled with elements of mystery and surrealism, then Alone In The Dark will definitely satisfy you.

  2.  A Truly Epic Experience


    Halo 3 is the climatic end to one of the most amazing Science Fiction sagas in the history of Video Games. The amount of work put into this game is unbelievable. Firstly lets review the Campaign, it's a brilliant end to the Halo Saga if you have been following the series from the original. You can complete the Campaign on your own or with your friends allowing up to Four player Co-op. It's good to see the return of some of the old weapons from Halo Combat Evolved. The Halo game engine has been fully upgraded to allow a Epic Next Generation experience. Halo 3 does not natively render at true HD resolution (at least 720 lines of vertical resolution). The game does render at 1152×640 resolution instead of the usual 1280×720 (HD) resolution that most Xbox 360 games use. This is because Halo 3 uses two frame buffers instead of the usual one, so the lower resolution allowed Bungie to preserve as much of the dynamic range as possible for the game's lighting without adversely affecting the frame rate. The image can be upscaled to 1080p by the Xbox 360. The game also employs advanced graphic technologies such as High Dynamic Range, Global Lightening and depth of field effects during Cut-Scenes. Amazingly on Halo 3, players can see distances of up to 10 miles (16km) away, all Three Fully Dimensional. The Soundtrack is beautiful and the Gregorian Chant has been improved by 5.1 surround sound audio to allow a truly amazing experience by just looking at the menu screen. Overall Halo 3 is a game that you simply have to buy for it's brilliant experience given to you throughout the entire game, and the Multiplayer is as good and as addictive as Call of Duty titles.

  3.  Suprisingly Excellent


    When I first bought this Console I was slightly reluctant because I wasn't sure what I would receive whether I would enjoy this or hate it. But when it comes down to the facts this is a brilliant piece of Technology. Probably the most advanced console not graphically because it hasn't got a very powerful internal processor so it can only run at a highest of 576i not even remotely HD and you can only get this with a 1080i Television so your only getting half of what your Television can truly perform. But this console isn't for the serious gamer or the not to casual gamer more the have some fun with your family gamer. The games are built ground up to provide a fast, fun and addictive experience rather than a mind-blowing experience like some titles on the PlayStation 3. Overall this is worth buying if you want to get fit in a private and personal manner or if you want to have fun with your children and partner.

  4.  One of the best games I have ever played


    And this is a review on the demo. The entire game is awesome, and considering I am hardcore Heavy Metal fan. I love it. The gameplay is brilliant combining the offensive attacks of your Axe and the defensive attacks of your Guitar. I like the way Tim Schafer has portrayed this world nearly completely based upon Heavy Metal album covers. Jack Black gives a brilliant voice over for Eddie Riggs the main character, to allow a sarcastic personality with lots of profanity included. The gore throughout the game if enabled is awesome, like chopping peoples heads off and burning them alive with your special Guitar powers. Overall this is definitely a game to buy if you like Heavy Metal or even rock in general. 10/10.

  5.  Pushes the Xbox 360 to it's limits


    Gears of War 2 is amazing it really is. The gameplay is as good as ever and it's a brilliant sequel to the epic Gears of War. The mechanics have been polished from the original, so you feel more human instead of rigid. The game feels really cool because it's so cinematic, so you kind of feel like your in a movie more than a game. The environments are dynamic and through each act feel completely different and unique. There is more suspense and horror in the sequel than the original, more people die, more questions are answered. And more questions are raised, opening everything up for Gears of War 3. The campaign is a lot longer and just when you think your near the end of the game, you've got another 2 hours left. Overall Gears of War is an impressive sequel to a epic game, but it just feels slightly flawed. Never as good as the original. So if you own a xbox 360 it's definitely worth following the Gears of War series with this brilliant sequel.

  6. WET


    Xbox 360

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     70s style, gun fights and awesomeness


    First of all it's worth mentioning that this is probably inspired by Stranglehold. This is a review on the demo version of the game. How can I start, it's simply awesome. You can do some of the ultimate matrix style ninja moves, such as jump in the air and shoot two enemies with your pistols, slide down a ladder and bend backwards shooting several enemies on your way down, all of these have slow mo activated so you can get the most accurate shots, and then there's the best bit, you have a katana yes a big shard samurai sword which is used properly can be extremely deadly. This is definitely a polished up version of Stranglehold which was excellent but needed this to happen. The demo is definitely worth downloading and the game is on the wishlist. 10/10.

  7.  EA's Finest


    This is possibly the best RTS I have ever played. But there is a lot of competition from Ensemble Studios Halo Wars and of course the PC games Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, then there is Starcraft 2 but C&C 3 stands out very much from your standard RTS on the computer or console. The whole concept and storyline is marvelous, with immersive characters and plots. The main factions are each very unique and different. There is the GDI (Global Defense Initiative) which is your typical US style army with well trained infantry men, heavily armored tanks and advanced special forces, they mainly focus on sending in shock armies to destroy the enemy head on. The NOD who are a Abrahamic society whose core aim is to blow up the planet in hope of them becoming the Rulers of Earth and led by a so called messiah called Kane. There main infantry are ill-trained, ill-equipped militia men. They do have very advanced soldiers and units which are much more advanced than the GDI, they mainly rely on stealth, tactics and strategy. Then there are the Scrin who are supremely advanced aliens who feed on tiberium each of there units are unique and they do have a signature unit called the Tripod which is very similar to the one from War of the Worlds. Overall this game is compelling and unique and just so worth it, it's worth mentioning that the controls on the 360 are just as good as the PC so don't get put off by that. 10/10.

  8.  RTS perfection


    This is a excellent game, without a doubt one of the all time greatest RTS games on the PC. I am a hardcore fan of the AOE series, and after playing ever single AOE title I was expecting this to be awesome, and it was and it still is. One of the features I particularly enjoyed was when you pick a civilization you have a home city to supply you in the New World and that's everything from food to cannons to soldiers. Which is fantastic. There are plenty of different units to pick from, as well as mercenaries who have their own unique abilities. Overall this is well worth buying if you own a PC and it doesn't need to be high-spec either.

  9.  Tactical and Strategic


    Far cry 2 differs from the standard FPS genre and focuses primarily on your Tactics and how you respond to a situation. Many games boast a complete sandbox experience and very few deliver this, but FC2 allows a complete free-roam experience. Like most Call of Duty titles they focus mainly on the MTV style in your face action and over the top action and all of the fun is focused on the fast paced Fire Fights. But FC2 the fun isn't the Fire Fights or the Cover and Shoot battles, the fun is the crawling through the tall grass and planting IEDs on vehicles and then moving up to a vantage point and shooting a explosive barrel then detonating the IEDs and causing carnage in the camp. Then all that explosive power sparks a flame and burn the tall grass and huts with thatched roofs, then picking off your enemies with a sniper rifle. Then there is the story, which is phenomenal. Nuff said. The Multiplayer is top notch as well, personally I would say as good as Call of Duty 4. Overall this is well worth buying for £10, remember to be Tactical and use strategy, don't rush.

  10.  Demonic Comedy


    Ghostbusters is without a doubt the best paranormal film ever with it's excellent comic dialogue. The cast is unbelievable with Bill Murry, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, the hilarious Rick Moranis and Ernie Husdon this is ultimate. The storyline is brilliant for both films, the first film it brilliant, when I first watched it I didn't expect there to be demons and the infamous Grey Lady. Overall it is one of the funniest films of all time and probably the best theme song of all time. Epic, truly epic.