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  1.  Definitely more than just a 'spin-off'


    It's always bothered me when people call Ashes to Ashes a spin-off, which it really isn't. It was the continuation of the Life On Mars franchise, rather than a "side dish" to it. Ashes to Ashes Series One holds its own, and while of course it is a slight step down from LOM that is not to Ashes to Ashes' detriment. It's quite a different show, with different aims - glamour and nostalgia - being some. This Series only gets 4 stars, and don't doubt I am a dedicated fan of the franchise, because some of it is either slightly below-par writing or slightly out of place direction/acting which turned off many people but I am glad that I managed to convert many people to give it a second chance! Some classic and moving story lines - Episodes Five, Six and Seven stand out especially. The producers themselves echoed much of the criticism levelled against the series by way of reminding viewers that it was meant to be light-hearted and fun, which it is.
    The usual witty, endlessly quotable humour is here in abundance. Ashes to Ashes has evolved into it's own stunning three series classic and if you are to appreciate it in all its glory it's always best to start at the beginning!

  2.  A better series.


    I think it's unfair that Series Two has a lower star rating than Series One, as I do believe Series Two is superior. From the beginning it has an intriguing plot thread stringing the episodes together - much more interesting chronologically than Alex's parents in my opinion from S1. One of the best things is that Alex's character is settling down in her world and is nowhere near as obnoxious and volatile as she was in S1. This makes for wonderful and textured relationship and character development in this series. I also think it is to Keeley Hawes' credit as an actress as she was on the receiving end of a lot of criticism in her debut, and in hindsight after this series it is possible to see that she is a very capable actress, she was just clearly not instructed on how to make the most of what is sometimes a bad job in S1's Alex Drake. On a related note, she departs from the Sam Tyler border-line hysteria (she knows a lot of what poor old Sammy didn't) as she begins to genuinely wonder about the world she inhabits and seeks to understand her companions. The finale of this series is SPECTACULAR and amongst the best episodes from both Ashes and Life On Mars.
    While some people have accused this series of unoriginality I think they slightly miss the point. This Series was clearly meant to draw us deeper into Alex's experience and realise that this world is darker and more meaningful than the first Series would have you believe. It is a series based around character development and an impending darkness. Basically, I loved this series and I hope others will too. :)

  3.  Excellent album.


    This album really is a classic. I agree with the first review, there is quality on every track. There's a great mix of sounds and styles on this album, all of which compliment and bounce off each other to create an incredibly satisfying album. The lyrics all tell a great story too, so you can really connect with music and the performer. I am a huge Elton fan with many albums and this is definitely one of my favourite and most respected.