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  1.  **It's Not Fat, It's Power**


    For a start, you either love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost or you don't. This is the third film in the planned trilogy of films, coming after Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. And this is very, very funny.

    Basic premise, without spoiling anything, the two main leads are science fiction 'geeks' who have gone to a convention in America. They have seemingly been interested in Aliens (talking and even writing related comic books) for years and years. While driving across country in a rented mobile home, they witness a car mysteriously flip and crash, for no apparent reason.

    They then meet Paul - an alien, who is on the run from a Government camp intent on conducting experiments on him - and just wants to go home.

    If I give you more details on the story, I will spoil it and I don't want to do that. Suffice to say, they encounter obstacles along the way, pick up an extra passenger by accident - who adds a lot of comedy to the film - and are being chased by rogue police officers. Let's face it, in every film like this, you need the bad people and the element of threat.

    If you love these two, and find their humour hilarious, as I do, then my advice is to get this film. You will love it! And it's quite cheap now too, so one for the collection!

  2.  Going Downstairs In A Whole New Context!


    I bought this for my dad for Christmas, did the decent thing and watched it before I wrapped it - I had this on pre order for months and months, I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

    Very funny, a little more rude than she is on TV, so if you don't like sexual jokes, or are easily offended, please think again before buying.

    Sarah reminds me of some great comics who tell a story all the way through her act, I wonder how she remembers it all. You hear about her personal life, told in a very funny and 'no holds barred' way. I was crying with laughter so many times watching this.

    If you love watching Sarah on TV, you will adore this DVD. Just be warned about the sexual content, it's not too blue, but would make your gran blush :)

    Check out the Extra's on the DVD too - Sarah's 5 tips on divorce are hilarious

  3.  ** With Me, Without Me **


    ok, so some people might say you need to suspend your sense of logic watching this, and perhaps they are right to a degree.

    But it's a great film :) Lots of action, chasing, everything you would expect in a Tom Cruise film and more.

    One of the situations where if you listen to some haters, you could miss out on watching a really good film. Always make your own mind up, I loved it.

  4.  **Show Me The Way To Go Home**


    A classic song as featured in Jaws, and yes, it's in here too! This is a classic, 'oh my goodness' film that makes you jump every chance it can. The story is flowing, the effects quite good and there is more blood in here than an episode of Casualty!

    If you want a logical storyline, with no flaws and everything making sense, this isn't for you.

    If you want a funny storyline, almost ironic and a parody of a horror film, with lots of gore and blood and unnecessary squeemish bits, then this is definitely for you!

    I would recommend this purely for the moments where you may think the story is silly, but the scary parts so excellently done and there are lots of semi clothes girls too including Kelly Brook :)

  5.  **You'll Never Have Me....Ever**


    I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this. It was one which I had meant to watch at the cinema, but never got the chance to.

    It starts quite surreal, but it quickly kicks into play and the action flows so quickly after that!

    If you're into fighting, action, lots of suspense and tension then this is the film for you. The action scenes are truly amazing on Bluray, and the fight scenes must have taken a long time to rehearse to get right!

    I remember hearing a lot of people compare this to Kick Ass, but it's not - it's a film in it's own right, and the lead actors will be moving onto great things based on these performances

    I would definitiely recommend this!

  6.  ** You've Got Red On You **


    If you love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from Spaced, the old TV show, you will love this!

    Basic story - two friends find themselves in the middle of a random zombifying illness, which is turning everyone around them into..you guessed it..zombies! Shaun (Pegg) has had a fall out with his girlfriend, she's across town and they need to form a plan to get her, get his mum and hide somewhere safe until 'it all blows over'

    Easier said than done!

    A few cameo's in here too, from Penelope Wilton (she played Herriet Jones, Prime Minister in Doctor Who), Jessica Hynes - who was also in Spaced - among others.

    It's funny, it's quite tense in places; make no mistake, this still can be a scary film in places, certainly enough to make you jump now and again.

    But it is very, very funny and you need this bluray in your collection!

  7.  **The terror is real Michael, it is**


    I wasn't really sure about this, in the end I decided to order and try, just in case I would miss a good film if I didn't. And I am so glad I did! Anthony Hopkins has this role down to a tee, and his renown sinister underlying character is present in here also.

    Basic story is a young guy going into the priesthood, mainly to please his father, and he plans to join, and then leave. But he is sent to Rome, so spend time learing about and assisting exorcisms.

    Quite sceptical, and not really taking most of what he sees seriously, it's only when he sees and hears some things close to heart that he realises maybe there is something true in all of this.

    The last 1/3 of the film is where it really gets quite tense.

    It is not 'sit on the edge of your chair' the whole time, but it does have its moments, and even more so as the film progresses.

    It's well worth a watch, and if you like horror, there is enough in here to make you happy!

  8.  ** It's Not Fat, It's Power**


    With Pegg and Frost, you know what you're going to get! We have Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and now the third in the 'all along' planned trio of films comes Paul.

    General synopsis - 2 English guys, very into sci fi, are doing a road trip in America, and visiting various conventions and sci fi 'comic book' referred exhibitions. The bump into an Alien called Paul - who doesn't act in the way you think it would - and they agree to help him by giving him a lift.

    Now, in any film like this, you always need a good v bad story, and there is this element with cops chasing them.

    Some people will love this type of humour, and I can honestly see it winding some people up huge. It sometimes comes across as quite self satisfying, like the jokes are almost the same as in the other two films and put into here.

    I still did enjoy this film. It's my style of humour, so I did laugh and I do think it's worth a watch. If you're not into the style of Pegg and Frost, don't watch it. You honestly won't find it funny, as the film is nearly all about those two.

    Not to take away from some good supporting actors, you do need to be huge fans of this humour to enjoy it. But if you are, this will not dissapoint.

  9.  **I Feel The Earth Move**


    ..to borrow the track name from this recording, which simply can be described as quite stunning. The combination of Taylor and King is heaven, and no doubt if you're reading this review, you're into the same style music as I am.

    Some of the great songs from both catalogues, they are freshened slightly and brought back to life on this live recording from the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Not only that, you get a DVD to go with it!

    From the masters like Carolina In My Mind to Fire and Rain, It's Too Late to Will You Love Me Tomorrow, there is honestly something here for everyone. The CD for the car, and the DVD for the lounge, that's pretty much heaven to me anyway.

    I am using this CD to educate some teenage cousins of mine, armed with this, maybe there is some hope for the future music listener

  10.  **Invading My Mind**


    ..to borrow the title of one of the tracks, as it sums up nearly every track on this CD! They get into your mind, and you end up singing away all day, even though you're not even listening to it at the time. Rather embarrassing, or it was stood in a lift on Tuesday afternoon!

    Deluxe Edition, of 16 tracks, all for less than a tenner, can you ask for much more?

    It's difficult and dangerous to recommend a CD as music tastes vary, I know. But this CD should have something for everyone, and I doubt many would buy this and not know the style of music to expect.

    A must for your collection!