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  1.  Wow.


    If, like me, you have heard Sigur Ros' more recent output and like it but haven't heard this side of them yet, then this album will blow you away. I thought their last album (which I can't type out as Icelandic characters aren't accepted in reviews) was good but now I have gone back to earlier in their catalogue I have changed my perspective on their music completely.
    Unlike their more recent records, this is really a post-rock album, dark and melodic. The piano based songs such as tracks 1 and 3 are truly beautiful while the heavy epics such as tracks 7 and 8 are huge, monstrous and moving.
    If you were a Sigur Ros fan already before this album or are just interested in what they're all about, then I cannot recommend "( )" enough.

  2.  Nice t-shirt


    This is a nice, good quality t-shirt. It fits good and is well made. The black areas on the front print are actually a sort of felt material which you can just about see if you zoom in. Well worth the price!

  3.  Bargain


    Just to repeat what's already been said; yeah it's a brighter red than the picture suggests and it is a bit baggy (not much though). Still a fantastic t-shirt, looks really good. Definitely worth the 5 pounds, I recommend.

  4.  Great value


    The cushioned headphone thing is comfy and the sound quality is absolutely fine. Yeah it's a bit chunky but I prefer this to the official one, good for the price. Plus it suits Xbox 360 Elites as well!

  5. Daisy


    Brand New - CD

    25 New from  £5.45  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.58

     Another terrific album


    I'm a huge Brand New fan, and The Devil & God is my favourite album of all time, so when I first listened to this album I wasn't sure what to think. Brand New are well known for their ability to progress hugely as a band yet still sound like Brand New, and this album's no different. It's definitely a grower, it took me a few listens to get into it but once I did I couldn't stop listening to it. It's a haunting album that blends big heavy-hitting tracks with slower ones. For a loyal Brand New fan, they will either love or hate it no doubt as it's unexpected & unpredictable, but I think it's another great addition to an already legendary discography!

  6.  No complaints


    Funny t-shirt.. not amazing quality, but if you're a fan of the almighty Chuck Norris it's a great purchase :)