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  1.  Slow, awkward to control and awful battery life!


    When the device loses the connection to the phone, often you have to reload the LiveView Application to get it to work. Not very useful for a gadget designed to REDUCE how often you take your phone out of your pocket.

    Worse still, the battery life at best was 6 hours, if I do not use the device at all other than checking the time once or twice. If I actually use the functionality then that drops dramatically.

    What good is wearing it as a watch if the instant I need to know the time, oops, the battery is dead. I would expect at least 24 hours use just checking the time occasionally, not 6. It doesn't even warn you of low battery, it just suddenly won't turn on.

  2.  A bit misleading calling it "Complete" Specials


    I am not happy about this collection at all. Not only is it mostly repeating what is already available in the 2009 Winter Specials set but also its hugely misleading calling it "Complete".

    Last I checked "The Runaway Bridge" and "Voyage of the Damned" were specials so them not being included in a set titled "The Complete Specials" is very misleading indeed.

  3.  Disappointing as the first episode shot in HD.


    I really did not like this episode. It wasn't aweful, but it was one of the poorer episodes in my opinion and especially pathetic as the first shot in HD.

    There have been so many good episodes that would have been stunning in HD, this was a huge letdown. Perhaps it will be more stunning on Blu-ray, but the quality on BBC HD was nothing to write home about. It did not seem to look anywhere near as good as Torchwood for picture quality.

    Again, that might improve dramatically on Blu-ray as its far superior to what they have to squeeze down the BBC HD pipe. But sadly I still think this episode pales compared to some of the better previous ones and I expected at least equal to the better ones for a "special". It would have worked as a filler episode for a season, but knowing we only get four this year its very weak indeed.

  4.  Pointless


    Do not be fooled, you do not need a high-quality expensive hdmi cable for short cable runs such as this. The only way this will improve the picture is if your existing cable is faulty!