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  1.  FOUL!


    This game is shocking on all levels nothing has changed since bad company! levels are still shocking,shocking graphics,terrible weapons, rubbish gameplay,shocking spawning and takes forever to rank up. Single player lasts about 5 mins. Beware of sniping which is the same point blank range still takes 2 to 3 shots to kill if you miss the head and by this time someone has blown your head off by then. This game is a pile of rubbish and im shocked these people even get funding to make such a pile of stink. RUBBISH DON'T BUY!!!

  2.  Worst call of duty ever!!!


    Single player is easy and boring! The first thing i noticed about this game was the terrible sound effects, battlefield 3 has the best by the way. Multiplayer is horrendous, graphics are poor, levels are so basic and tiny i feel sorry for people wishing to snipe on this game. Seriously who ever made this terrible game should really sit down and play a few matches then they would realise what a massive pile of manure it actually is. Im so angry and let down having waited forever for this hyped up game to come out and its the worst cod ever made! Honestly what were you thinking, thank you call of duty for making this pile of turd.

  3.  One of the best...


    After playing mgs 1, 2, 3 this is a incredible end to the solid snake saga. One of the best storylines ever created and some of the best characters aswell. The graphics are unreal and the gameplay is the classic mgs stealth based combat which runs smooth and the different ways to eliminate people proves extremely satisfying. Overall its worth buying a ps3 simply for this game because its the best for this console.

  4.  The best game ever made


    Nothing that has been released in my opinion compares to oblivion. For its time its simply unbeleivable the graphics are superb considering the sheer size of cyrodiil and the amount of detail within it. Also the story line is incredible and the ability to completely create your character and become more powerful as the story progresses. Overall if you enjoy RPG's or sword/magic style game this is a must buy as you will be hooked for days on end due to oblivions endless possibilities!

  5.  Superb


    For its time this game is very good the story line alone for me gives it a 10/10. The graphics are crisp and clear and the gameplay is very satisfying inlcluding leveling up, capturing new golems and visiting new towns/cities. Also for a change the main characters are actually interesting and each bring different skills to the turn base combat style of fighting. Clearly this style of game wont apeal to everyone but for people who enjoy RPG's or final fantasy style games this is a must have.

  6.  Nothing special!!!


    Just got the game, very decent campaign i must say. I was really looking forward to the mutliplayer which is a bit average i dont know why everyone is raving about this game! the servers are slow and crash all the time. The weapons are ok i guess but nothing really gets you that excited, although i have to admit the knifing is very satisfying!! The levels are a bit annoying and very simple, i have to say i bought this game because it looked great and was so damn bored of playing call of duty games, but in reality its no where near as good as black ops mutliplayer and u all know this really. For me its just another hyped up let down yet again, please somone make a brilliant multiplayer game so i dont have to play black ops because killzone 3 online is just very average!!

  7.  SO BAD!


    Shocking graphics, terrible campaign,multiplayer is dreadful, Hardly any weapons, levels are so bad and killstreaks are very poor. Do not buy this game save for black ops this game is just awful!!!

  8.  shift is a dissapointment.


    i already want to sell this game because it is a total letdown.if you enjoyed undercover which i did,dont buy this game as there is no comparison.the driving is really stiff,unreactive and unrealistic.the game automaticaly brakes for you and every time i turn the feature off it still does it in the race,the graphics have not improved,there is no storyline,not many cars in the game,1 little scrape on the side pebbles spins you out of control and the drifting is awfull.All nfs fans do not buy!its crap.