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  1.  Another hero sold down the river


    Edward Woodward plays the lead in this amazing film set against the backdrop of South Africa during the Boer war. It revolves around the trial of Morant and his men for the killing of Boers when they had been ordered not to take prisoners! The British goverment and the Austalians naturally would rather not upset the political peace process and say no order was ever issued. The Climax is one that shows how all soldiers good and bad are nothing to the political masters that really run wars. Edward Woodward really owns the role and portrays a professional and brave man. The one thing that really strikes me is during one scene Edward woodward holds hands with a comrade, this wasnt scripted and just happened, however on researching after the filming they found out that Breaker Morant during the incident portrayed in the scene held hands with his comrade.

  2.  Great, heart pounding and hard hitting japanese gangsters!


    Outrage is by far the best Yakuza film i've seen in ages. The story hasn't got the innocent hero like most hollywood gangster films, instead you see how the bad guys sort it out. It has subtle plot twists and keeps you guessing the outcome right till the last scene. Extremely violent in parts but this violence is done when required and isn't just for the sake of shocking the watcher. In all a great Yakuza film in my top ten.

  3.  One of the westerns of all time


    Brilliantly shot and acted western, the story is moving and you feel for all characters. Yes you have the hero's and villians but thats what makes a western. To be fair the vast open range sums up a balanced view of the old west. Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner really make this movie.



    ROME is probably the best historical series I have seen in ages, The story follows historical facts but also goes deeper into the two fictional main characters Verenus and pullo, Two soldiers who battle, live and love and really make you feel for them. The friendship is tested but never really broken "UP THE 13th!!!"



    The second series of Rome ties up all the loose ends of the dramatic ending of series 1. The story follows historical timelines and manages to blend in the two main characters of Verenus and Poulo into the dramatic backdrop of this ancient, violent and erotic time. If you like all the sword and sandals epics then rome series 1 and 2 are just up your street.

  6.  he's not the massiah he's a very naughty boy!!!


    The best comedy film EVER!!!! If i was to be told I could watch one film before i die it would be this. The story parallels the story of jesus, but in the true python fasion the humour is from start to finish. In summary , stoning, halibutt, judean peoples front, childrens matinee, ex leper, welease bwian and above all always look on the bright side of life.

  7.  Thats 97 mins ill never get back!


    What a load of rubbish, The whole thing made me feel disgusted who would feel that such a subject would be funny! If people think the idea of suicide bombing is a joke then explain that to the people who were injured or lost people in the london bombings! I have served this country and as a soldier this film sickens me.

  8.  Ninja


    I brought this with the attitude that these days most serious martial arts movies are less cheese and more culture. I was proven wrong, say no more.

  9.  Mifune returns and is still scratching!


    Sanjuro is the story of a wondering samurai or ronin who stubbles across a cause to follow. Although most of his allies in this plot dislike him at first they all learn that appearances can be deceptive and the scruffy, inching and constantly tired ronin might just be their saviour.

    I dont want to give anything away, but the final few minute took my breath away! I had to play it over a few times to see what actually happened :-)

  10.  Great film, remade many times but never beaten!


    Kurosawa dealt a master blow with Yojimbo, not only a wonderful storyline but such a complex main character. The idea of an anti-hero wasn't really a hit with western audiences untill much later. The DVD is no thrills but that really doesnt matter, just watch and at the end you like me will agree Mifune really is the main with no name!