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  1.  Very compelling and Faultless


    Watching musicals isnt normally my style. After watching this at the Cinema I was totally amazed how good the acting was. What made this such a brillant film is the actors themselves. As some of the actors are not professional trained, this only added to the realism of the story and some truely heartbreaking moment. Helena Bonham Carter and Baron Cohen played a fantastic roles as Master of The House, These characters were need to break the tension, otherwise I would of been in tears before the end of the film. Can't wait for the DVD release and see the Production on stage in July 2013 as I will be taking my Wife for her 40th birthday. Definately one of those must watch films and will be one I could very easily watch time and time again.

  2.  Boring


    Probably the worst Tommy Cooper dvd I have seen. There are one or two funny moments, but overall very disappointing. This does not do this Genuis of Comedy any Justice. There are better dvds out there that will make you laugh from start to finish.

  3.  Very Good Modern Day Horror


    Brilliant film, good to see Hammer Horror is on form since its relaunch. Really good story line from start to finish with a few scenes that will make you jump. Very good ending and could be left open to a sequel or left to your own imgagination. This will be a film I can see watching a few times over.

  4.  Pure Genius


    An absolute classic. The effects are so cheesy even for the time, but that is what makes this these films fun so funny. A real laugh out loud film, so many genius moments. The sequel isn't quite as good, but neverthe less you won't disappointed. All I can say just watch it and you will love it.

  5.  Was worth the wait!


    For any hardcore GnR fan, was it all worth the wait? My answer is no, but thats not to its a bad album. Any GnR fan wanting the sound of the original line up, forget it, this is not the sound of GnR as we use to know it. Having said that it is an underated album, there are some very good songs on the album. Musically its not a flowing album. there are some good songs with excellant musically arrangements, but there are also some songs with excellant lyrics and not so good musical arrangements. Or is that the genuis of Axl, some song showing some briallance and some songs not so brillant. Overall it is worth a listen. For the hard core GnR fan it might not be what your expecting, but putting aside all the history of GnR, I think it would be easier for every GnR fan to think Chinese Democracy is Axl Rose first solo album, which in that case it was worth the wait.

  6.  Timeless Classic


    There second album and what an album it is, following on from there first album, the theme stays with electric sync experimental rock, but goes far deeper than there first album. Not to say there catchy songs on it to. Everyone has heard of the Tango, Fox Trott, why not DO THE STRAND, or listen to the poetic song Beauty Queen, Then you have the darker songs of Everydream home a heartache and the title song of For Your Pleasure. Is this album to be taken seriously? Well decide for yourself, as after all this band has inspired a number of bands from all generations.

  7.  Judge for yourself


    To any GnR fan it is a must read book, as Mick Wall tring to settle a score with Axl, I don't think so. A lot of credit is given when due, but at the end of the day it's about whatc actually happened to Axl and GNR. At least you get a first hand account what happened than someone who has written a book using second resources. Over priced maybe, but thats the only fault with the book. Enjoy the madness of GNR. try not to understand Axl he is in a good way a complicated person!