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  1.  shorter episodes


    these episodes are shorter than the ones on my dvd boxset so i wont be buying it,glad i tried them out before buying.its getting beyond a joke that blurays are overpriced as it is and then you have to buy the dvd aswell just to get all content.dsney is getting terrible for it lately with almost every numbered classic now released and half with no extras or just a select few.often like this they have new extras but missing all original ones or in this case missing part of episodes.i am running out of room in my house and running out of patience to buy the same films and tv shows on dvd and bluray and then either keeping both sets or putting dvd discs in the bluray box,its getting such hard work so i wont be buying this until it drops below 40 quid as i dont think its worth more than that ,certainly no worth 100 pound even with full episodes on considering how old it is now

  2.  best film ever


    as usual the only people to find an amazing film rubbish is old people and book nerds,for everyone else this film is incredible and easily one of the best ever made.a million times better than the twilight rubbish wrote by the same person.this has emotion,humour,drama ,it has everything.i seen it at the cinema and as soon as the credits rolled i went on my phone to see when the bluray was being released ,thats how good it was.if there was any dissappointment its that it wasnt on longer.i highly reccommend it to everyone and just ignore the old person and book nerd giving it a bad review.whether your a 6 year old boy or 50 year old woman you will love this film and the girl who plays the lead character melanie as usual just blows our mind,she is incredible in every film,its worth buying just for her

  3.  complete rip off ,theres no colour


    whats the point in making a black and white film these days when everyone is into better hd quality and 3d and having the best quality yet what could have been a half decent film if in colour,turns out to be impossible to watch for more than a minute as everything just looks the same in black and white and there seems no point in it,the 3d is awful due to everything either being black or white,there is no depth in the image and for a cartoon mostly aimed at kids its a bit stupid considering kids are attracted to colour.i hope this film fails miserably in the profit department as badly as it fails in the entertainment department.if you like nightmare before christmas DO NOT buy this as it will spoil everything you love about that film

  4.  garry marshall does it again


    As usual its impossible for garry marshall to dissappoint.i have a huge fan of him for much of his work,and a fan of multi story films,so after the amazing valentines day film i was sure that new years eve was going to be a smash hit and i was correct. No film will ever beat love actually,im sure no one ever expects that.but its certainly very close.its one of those feel good films that im always amazed to see negative reviews but yet i have seen some very nasty reviews and i am shocked because just like valentines day it delivers on every count,happyness,sadness,heartbreak,romance,comedy i really struggle to see how anyone can find a negative minute in this film.the last 15 minutes of the film just like love actually when all the stories come to a head are just pure cinematic masterpiece. I dont really think that a film this good needs all the big names in it to sell it because every story is completely different and enjoyable regardless of who are playing each character and each story takes up such a short amount of screen time ,where as in a standad 1 story film a big star has to carry the whole film but new years eve would be just as amazing without a single star in it,but its nice to see garry marshall casting hector to return yet again in i think his 6th garry marshall film and ashton kutcher after his very brilliant role in valentines day.so whether you like any of the big named stars or not,if you want to laugh,be sucked in to romantic stories and little twists along the way then this film is a must buy

  5.  bad episode choice


    this has got to be a joke surely. brookside was the BEST soap ever,and all soaps have gone downhill since it ended as there is no competition anymore,however this has got to be the stupidest bunch of episodes ever,for what could be the only brookside release ever after its finished. all the early episodes were already available like the original siege had its very own release,im sick of seeing the first ever episode repeatedly,the jordache body discovery has been seen many times,so has a few of the other episodes on here. since channel 4 originally planned a dvd then cancelled it there has been endless campaigns, most of which were followed by a fan made dvd which most brookside fans will have known about as a few were widely available and they all contained first episode etc,and more better choice episodes,some classic gems that were forgotten,episodes you watch and go omg i remember that rather than oh this again,the stupidest part of this dvd is it doesnt even contain the final week,the first episode has nothing happen in it and was already released yet the final week was huge and end of an era,everyone would have preferred the final episode if not the full final week,the helicopter crash,the siege and final episodes were amazing,but many other episodes i would have included are also missing......... this is still a must buy but a buy with a heavy heart as the biggest brookside fan ever i am still left hoping a better choice of more obscure episodes is eventually released

  6.  truly inspiring,magical with a real purpose yet hilarious


    its very very rare i feel the need to comment on a film,while sitting in a cinema or at home watching a bluray ill comment at the end well that was good or how boring was that for example,but all through this film i was like omg i am watching something special here,everytime you think you work out whats going on in the film it just gets more interesting.i honestly only bought it because ofxfactor last year when all ther stars went to the premiere of it and i honestly thought it looked boring ,old fashioned and confusing but i watch practically everything in 3d and thought if its good enough for xfacor to mention it must be alright.in no way did i realise if it was not for xfactor and it being in 3d i might have missed out on this cinematic gem,easily the most magical entertaining film of this millenium. sacha baron cohen who plays ali g,borat and the fantastic dictator,however those films are fantastic and leave you smiling and repeating such lines as is it a boy or an abortion from the dictator. however when compared to this role,everything sacha has done before is basically basic cheap laughs and nothing that couls inspire anyone or make someone sit with their mouth open and go wow that was unique and special.iam 25 and loved films since i was born,ive seen some very weird and some wonderful indie films,big budget films,mainly through following certain actors/actresses in every flm they make whatever genre,but i dont ever remember a film that has a meaning and purpose to it and be so groundbreaking..hugo has the same impact on me and no doubt every other person whos seen it as i imagine everyone seeing moving images for the first time like in this film or even disneys snow white had on all those people who first watched it back when moving images were rare,nevermind such a magical fairytale of a story. this is a big budget film,its obvious with the huge sets,the 3d and the amunt of highly paid amazing actors,yet you dont watch it thinking thats cgi ,bet that explosion or stunt cost a lot,you just feel part of it like its really happening and want to fin out just whats going on.other films that arent obvious and explain themselves in the first 5 or 10 minutes i usually lose interest,but an hour into this i was gripped yet still slightly confused but so entertained i was already thinking about when i would next watch it. everyone should ignore robbo's 1 star review (look at all the sci-fi rubbish he/she gives 5 star ratings too) if you think disney films are magical or inspiring then ignore what little critism this movie may have and just give it a try,often 3d films i would say only watch it in 3d but the 3d on this was so amazing and did get me more involved in the world of hugo but a film this good could be in 2d black and white and still entertain.

  7.  all reviews should be 11/10


    probably the most intense and exciting alien type film of all time. long gone are the low budget days of yesteryear where a rubber mask and bb gun was enough to call something a hollywood blockbuster. this is full of fun,adventure ,great effects that lookso realistic its hard to tell whats real and what isnt.the story is easily one of the best across all genres but this genre especially,where characters actually dying mean something and its just like a character dying on a long running series rather than some randomer youve never seen or care about.everyone i know thought it was fantastic and far better than most films ever made of this kind.the 3d effects are also fantastic and well worth 14.99 to see it in 3d at home,possibly the best value 3d bluray available

  8.  top film


    this is a class A , top film.one not to be missed at all.and also features an early appearance from katherine heigl, this film is on her imdb page as bug busters but its the same fantastic film, just a different name. yes this is low budget,but the story and acting is what makes this a good film.just think of the original doctor who from 70's or 80's ,if you can enjoy the low budget on this ,or just want to see a young katherine heigl then buy this film.

  9.  lack of extras is a con


    everyone knows what this film is and its only obvious its going to improve the look when put on bluray as bluray improves everything by making it look more clear and feel more real.however just for wanting this better experience it seems anyone with the original dvd has to sacrifice pretty much every single extra feature due to this having nothing on it except what seem like 2 new features i dont recognise off the original dvd where it just seems like babbling. the original dvd includes music videos,scenes of the stage play,character development and much more and yet this has none of it. seems like a total con to me.this is one of many bluray releases by disney and other companies that have less extras than it did originally yet the original push for blurays years ago was "loads" of extras, more than dvds. seems thats only true on new releases and never on re-releases which always have less or even none

  10.  lol


    they are expecting people to pay nearly a tenner for some black and white nonsense haha.even if it was on tv for free i doubt anyone would watch this old blak and white rubbish when we have the brilliant david tennant and i guess even matt smith is ok as the doctor who is full living high definition colour.its possible almost at a push i could understand someone buying some later doctor who episodes say peter davison onwards but even then,really.low budget,no effectsno acting,bad camera work and just a really dragged on story.have you seen the length of this,who could sit for that long staring at a colourless screen,wow