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  1.  Great when it works


    I was looking for a basic sat nav and based on recommendations from friends I went for this. It comes ready to use straight out of the box and couldn't be easier to use. Simply enter a postcode or town/city name and within seconds it calculates your route and you're ready to go. The points of interest feature is also useful, locating petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, airports etc close to you. It attaches to the windscreen in a really clever way, sticking solid, and comes off again with ease. There are a couple of minor negatives - for some reason the sat nav can not pick up a satalite signal at my house, no matter how long I wait, but can when I drive 50 meters up the road. Although the box says 2009 the map on the sat nav it self appears to be older. There have been a number of new roads built around where I live in the last two years and these are not on the sat navs map which confuses the unit for a short time. I understand this is the entry level model but I still expect it to feature the most up to date map available which is why I can't give it 5 stars.

  2.  Pure aussie Gold!


    One of the funniest ,violent, engrossing movies I have seen in years. Well shot and brilliantly acted by Bana this is a must see.

  3.  Good but.......


    As a huge fan of the first Nolan film I had been waiting to see this for months. I have to say I came away a little disappointed. In comparison to Begins the film felt a little disjointed, overly long and lacked a stand out moment. I know Begins was all about establishing the Bruce Wayne/Batman character but even so I felt Christian Bale was under used and too peripheral. Ledger as the joker was excellent and undoubtedly provided the films best moments while Harvey Dent was believable up until the silly two face make up - he looked like an extra from an early Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. Not getting Katie Holmes back to play Rachel Dawes was also a big mistake - there was just no chemistry between Gyllenhaal's character and Bruce or Dent. As a result I didn't care what happened to her. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad film - far from it. The story and acting for the most part are good and some of the cinematography is breathtaking. Will definitely buy the disk when it comes out. Maybe with a second viewing and with out such grand expectations I will enjoy it more.

  4.  Top Class Picture and decent sound


    As every one else who has reviewed this Tv has stated the S3000 delivers truly stunning pictures via SKY SD (I can't comment on the built in tuner) and upscaled DVD. Colours are clean, bold and vibrate without ever being unnatural and black levels are excellent. Iv had this tv for just under a week now and todate I have not noticed any picture noise, smearing or breakup - even watching sport. The sound is also very good for such a comparatively small unit although as with all tv's the addition of a separate sound system really makes a difference and the viewing experience much more pleasurable. The only issue I have with the S3000 is it's operating noise caused by the backlight (I assume it's the backlight as the hum reduces or increases as you adjust the BL setting). Although not excessively loud it is audible when the volume is low on the tv and is the reason why I have only scored this tv 4 out of 5.
    Overall a great tv and despite the small problem noted above I can highly recommend it.