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Product Reviews

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  1.  works great


    was a bit worried about getting this but it fit just fine and keeps the move in place cant see why this would not fit all new lcd tv's

  2.  funny


    this is a very good game it works realy well not like the wii or kenect and the pix it takes of you for your avatar looks realy good lots to do 5 star

  3.  avoid


    yeh why is 11. Colonial Day
    12. Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 1)
    13. Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2) missing so when you get season 2 it starts with the Colonel been shot and you having no idear wots going on

  4.  wont do wot you wont it for


    i got this to play my xbox and pc without having to swop the vga over but you cant get the full resolution only 1600 x 1200 on your pc and low resolution on the xbox unplug this and it go's back to full resolution

  5.  not much good


    wish the first review was on befor i got one as this wont work with the xbox 360 i cant see it working on PlayStation as it suggest

  6.  good pad for low price


    not sure about the other review its a good sold pad just like ps2 strong rumble and all buttons worked on every game so far

  7.  happydays


    great for the price both the light and lazer are very bright

  8.  wast of time


    this wii not recognising movements. the voice doss not work you just shout at the tv all day with no responce so you after get up and use your A button again and again the hart monter is always wrong sat still with 120bpm.. was made for the wii and rushed out for kinect so may be active 3 will work fine

  9.  psp


    this card will work on psp but not if your putting your game's on to the stick as it runs them to slow not sure if its because ov the 4g as the 1g sandisk works fine

  10.  psp


    you shud contact one ov the sellers to get a responce... this is the cable that you plug in to the psp and then plug it in to your pc so you can then transfer music photos films ect to your psp