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  1.  Unquestionably one of the best collection of 80's hits!


    Although Im a huge PSB fan and love their later work and recent greatest hits package this has GOT to be the one to own if you are a casual PSB fan. Nearly every time I read reviews on recent hits packages its just I only remember the 80s stuff blah blah.
    Well this has every single from West End Girls (1985) to Was it Worth it (1991) which includes their imperial phase with an impressive four number ones and countless top ten tracks.
    Definitely the most successful period of their careers sales wise and these tracks still stand up well today. Production always has been fantastic with the boys.

    Its also the only album to date featuring the single version of Heart the number one smash from 1988.

    For the price you can pick this up for now its a complete bargain. I remember paying 16.99 from Our Price when this first was released, quite happily for the quality.

  2.  Absolutely Brilliant!!!


    I was at this very show (as well as one earlier in the year) and really think it's the best show PSB's have done since 'Performance'.
    It's great to see them back in bigger venues and show's they have a great hardcore fan base.

    The quality of the picture AND sound is, in my opinion fantastic - and what a joy to hear some of the album tracks off of 'Please' such as 'Two Divided by Zero' and 'Why Don't we Live Together?'.

    There are some truly inspired arrangements here, for example 'Go West' which has the drums and bass line from Paninaro and the synth riff from the Disco version of Opportunitues. Loads of other medleys too - great stuff!

    I think this just shows how talented the boys are. Tennant's voice (although occasionally layered with octave versions of himself) is well on form and in tune and Chris Lowe is, well - ultra cool Chris Lowe!

    Overall a fantastic package and one to cherish for PSB fans!

  3.  Brilliant Album - not to be missed


    Superb album featuring all the hits - and yes, they were all hits!!!

    Shame the album version of 'Heart' was used, considering these were supposed to be the single mixes.

  4.  One of their best albums remastered


    Some of Annie's most soulful vocals - some of Dave's most inspired guitar work and some of their biggest chart hits make this an unmissable album, form one of the Uk's best acts!

  5.  Excellent compilation, but STILL some huge hits missing


    When I heard that this compilation was coming out - I was really excited, especially as The Immaculate Collection had several big tracks missing and, to be honest GHV2 wasn't that special for me.

    I have to say that this is still a fantastic compilation for any fan, but why has yet another patchy Greatest Hits type package been released, if it's not to t-up another one in another 5-10 year time?

    How can you not have tracks like (to name but a few):

    -True Blue
    -Oh Father
    -Causing a Commotion
    -Hanky Panky
    -What it Feels Like for a Girl
    -Dear Jessie
    -Keep it Together

    There are loads of others missing, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

    Really good C.D, but 3 CD's covering ALL hits would have been so much better.

    Don't particularly care for the artwork, either..