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  1.  small but huge!


    Not much to say about this card other than it does exactly what it says on the packet!

    I have sucessfully used it in a Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Nokia N900 without problem!

    I currently have it in my N900, and get read speeds of about 8MBytes/s and write speeds of 6MBytes/s using a very simple test of reading / writing a 100MBytes file (12seconds read, 15 seconds write)

    It would be nice if this card came with the little thumb sized USB adapter/reader, but can't complain.. Its expensive and slower than other cards, but you cannot argue with 32gig of goodness!

  2.  whoooshwhooooshwhooshwhoshjudder


    I'm a huge fan of noise cancelling tech in all things ear piece. I've enjoyed using some ancient Bose QC2 for some time.. but I thought I should get with the time and look for a Bluetooth alternative.

    Nokia's flagship headphones seemed to fill this new gap in my life. Rechargeable, bluetooth and cabled, listen and make calls.. sounded great!

    Now, the build quality appears to be pretty good. The buttons seem to be in logical places and the "feel" isn't too bad either.. I can wear them for hours and they don't bother me. I recharge daily but the battery life if it is even half what they suggest in the manual is more than enough. The case holds all the accessories (including a mini charger). From a tactile perspective they feel great.

    The audio appears to be "flavoured" but this is the case with most headphones. Compared to the QC2 they feel like they might be lacking something but then again, the QC2 are far from a flat response. It is down to taste and although different to others I've used, the audio performance is by no means an issue. It's fair that they sound pretty good.

    The bluetooth and noise cancelling are close, but far from being as good as the price tag should warrant.

    I've been using the set with Nokia's flagship N97 via bluetooth and it is brutally bad.

    The volume level is inconsistent. There is a volume level on the phone and on the headphones that can be set (and reset) independently) Today I couldn't get more than a whisper from the headphones with both volume levels at max. When I rebooted the phone, the volume level was deafening (these headphones can do LOUD!) Each time I reconnect, the level seems a bit random, something that isn't the case when using a cable.

    Playback has an irritating feature. The playback is frequently inter........rupted thenspeedsupforawhile before returning to normal. It does this numerous times during an average track. I've never heard / experienced anything so strange!

    Making calls is problematic too.. Often the first call made after turning the headphones on is mute. The other end cannot hear me. Calling back solves the problem.

    I assume these are Bluetooth issues, perhaps with the N97 though others using different Nokia and other brand headsets haven't experienced this problem.

    Then there is the noise cancelling with its 12 microphones. It works well (certainly as well if not better than other's I've tested: Bose Sony) but only if I am stationary. It works great sitting in a room with an air conditioner, for example (it really does cancel consistent noise very well).

    If you're in an environment that is not totally still (like a train, bus, plane, walking in a light breeze) any slight jolt introduces a whoosh into the audio. It's hard to describe.

    I use my set on a train and a bus to and from work and I notice problems when another train passes in the opposite direction or the train doors open/close at a station. The feeling and noise is as if someone had pushed the headphone cup against my ear. If the train/bus is moving it introduces an almost tremolo effect into the audio.. a toooooooooooooone becomes tooowowoowowoowoowoooone at every slight bump in the road/rails.

    I can appreciate this mightn't be a problem on a calm plane flight, but on every other mode of transport it is quite intrusive. It just feels like (as with other Nokia products) it hasn't been tested in real life situations.

    I want to love them, but they feel a bit "beta".. They sadly just don't feel as great as promised.. Perhaps a later hardware release might solve some more issues..