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  1.  Good at First...


    I was pleased with this headset when i first got it, but after a few weeks of using it there was a minor buzzing in the earpiece and a very loud buzzing that could be heard over the mic. which made it virtually unusable.

  2.  One of my Favourite Games


    Fallout New Vegas... As the title of my review suggests this is one of my favourite games that i have had the good fortune to play. Yes it is similar to Fallout 3 in ways but it's not completely identical and here are a few reasons why i love it:

    - The weapons are much better than they were in 3, even without the addons
    - Your companions are also better. The companion wheel is very useful
    - The graphics are great
    - The gameplay is fluid smooth
    - The map is huuge
    - The distance that you can see from one part of the map to another is astounding
    - You can now make ammo and recycle used ammo at a reloading bench
    - The realistic hardcore mode which is unlocked from the beginning of the game in which you need to sleep, drink and eat food. Also all of your ammo weighs so you have to keep these things in mind when travelling the Mojave Wasteland when hardcore mode is chosen. You can turn it on and off whenever you choose
    - There is well over 70 hours of gameplay
    - And the missions are awesome!

    On the downside there are quite a few glitches and bugs. And like in Fallout 3 sometimes it freezes for no reason. There is one glitch that locks you out of 'The Strip' so when you try to get in through the main entrance it says it requires a key but as long as you don't finish the mission I Put A Spell on You found in NCR's 'Camp McCarren' then you can use the monorail that connects the two. The monorail is the only other way into The Strip apart from the main gate that i know of. Also, you need to do the quest 'The House Always Wins II' Before 'The House Always Wins I', i won't say why just encase i give some of the story away but make sure you do the second one first! My main tip would be to save the game every time you do something important until you are certain that you don't need to reload it, there are 100 save slots that you can fill up providing you have the memory on your Xbox.

    So all in all, this a very good game with hours and hours of exiting missions. I would recommend it to everyone who hasn't played Fallout 3 and anyone who has and enjoyed it. Hope i helped you make a decision :)

  3.  Modern Day Classic


    I bought this RDR not long ago and now it's one of my favourite games of all time! The multiplayer is great but it's nothing compared to the singleplayer experience... As you travel all over America and Mexico as ex-outlaw John Marston you get a feel for the wild wild west. The map is huge so you can explore it for hours on end, the gameplay is smooth yet fast paced while the environment is very detailed. This is a game i'd recommenced for anybody, especially those that like Grand Theft Auto.

  4.  Great Deal


    This is a really good deal. It is 5 pounds less than Microsoft sell it for and you get an extra month free!

    Also, you get a case with it which i have used to replace a previously broken games case with :)

  5.  Truly Outstanding


    In my opinion, this is THE best game of all time and the expansion packs just make the experience even better. Without the expansion packs it has over 80 hours of game play! Very much a recommended game :)

  6.  Truly Awesome Movie


    Looking at some of the other reviews... This film, like most others, seems to be a matter of opinion... But when it comes to my opinion, this is one of the greatest films of all time! It contains a fair amount of heart-pounding action and has a great plot to keep you interested throughout the whole film. Highly recommended.

  7.  Great Value For Money


    This particular points card is the best value for money on Play.com AND Microsoft.

    On Play.com, it is 1 pound cheaper to buy two of these Instead of the 4200 points card and compared to Xbox, it is 1 pound cheaper for 100 more points! :)

  8.  Fantastic Little Gadget


    I was hesitant to buy this product at first because of it size... I didn't think a product this small could make a sound as loud and clear as it does. It also has a nice feature where you can twist it anti-clockwise and it pops out an inch or so and the bass is greatly improved, doing this makes it louder too! I recommend buying this nifty speaker if you want great sound from a small gadget. Great Buy!

  9.  Awesome!


    For this price you can't beat a 7 disc box-set of comedy genius.

  10.  Very Good


    Despite what a lot of people here are saying about it, i have never got the red lights on the front and it has worked brilliantly ever since i got it almost a year ago. I have been on the playstation 3 almost as much as the xbox 360 and i find that the xbox is much better, both in games and the online community.