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  1.  Is Everyone Forgetting Jaws 3-D


    Reading the reviews, i feel that people are miss informing you about this movie.

    Is it better than jaws, or jaws 2. Not by a long shot. However the story is worth a watch, and its a good film.

    Special effects wise, is what people are criticizing. Remeber this film was origonaly shot in 3-d. And the crummy effects and badly super imposed images are in actual fact 2-d compressions from the origional 3-d film.

    So the blatantly fake arm, and badly placed fish head were supposed to pop out at you through the screen and if they would only release the 3-d version you would get to see this film in its true cheesy glory,

    Ignore the special effects, and beg for the 3-d version to be released. Its the only way you will see this film in its true format.


  2.  looks like just a bullet


    theres ya answer kid... think its just the bullet with the tracks on kool idea but not worth the money.

  3.  Dedicated Console Game Now On PC and a GOOD Conversion.


    Ignore anyone who says that they have experienced "LAG" with this game thats a hardware fault and not a fault with the game. just because you meet the specs on your computer dosnt mean that the game will run smoothly out of the box. as you will have other things running in the background such as virus scanners etc etc taking up some of your precious spec's. so if you have an oldish computer then i would seriously think of upgrading...

    onto the game... the conversion is perfect. i have the PS3 version which kicks serious amounts of A** and the PC version manages to achieve the same. one feature i am looking forward to is when those modders come along and patch us in a create your own song setting because you know they will :) which would make this PC version much better the consoles which are pretty restricted to the content packs that you can buy.

    Over all its nice to see more Console exclusives get a shot on a PC.. but if you dont wanna run the risk of getting it and it not working... buy a console there gonna last you at least 6 - 10 years whilst a PC will be majourly out of date in 3

  4.  Nintendo have done it again, what is there secret?


    The Xbox 360 has been out since November 22nd 2005 and as of September 30th 2007 has sold 13.4million consoles worldwide.
    The Wii has been out since November 19th 2006 and has sold 13.17million world wide.
    For one to say that the Wii is the most powerful games console today would be a lie. as the PS3 and the 360 clearly out power this little gem but what made 13million people world wide buy this console in half the time it took Xbox to generate the same number?
    Well I'm a firm believer of Nintendo's no frills policy and they have delivered with this innovative games machine. Nintendo have not included a DVD player, media server, mp3 player, no HD movie player. Just a console. Maybe that's what makes Nintendo so appealing. Out of all the next gen consoles the Wii is by far the cheapest. By far the most innovative with its controller and by far the most fun I have had on a single console in a long time.
    The console is of course backwards compatible with all GameCube games and even has a flap on the top to put in your GameCube memory cards and game cube controllers.
    The online store lets you purchase games from all the retro Nintendo consoles and even the Sega systems.
    The games that have been released are fun and have plenty of multi player opportunities and for parties this thing wins hands down!
    So what is it that makes this so special? Dose it have the best graphics, sound? No. but what Nintendo have done is making a machine that is all about the games people. The graphics are spectacular if not as great as its rivals, and 99% of the games have a unique game play that is not available on other consoles. For example the new smack down Vs raw game. you actually have to move your hands forward to lock up with the opponent and lift the controller up to lift him above your head then quickly act like you have slammed them to the ground. To complete the move. On other versions its press this button and this button but the Wii's unique gameplay experience is something special that should be enjoyed by all.
    This is a family game system and a majority of the games so far are aimed towards a younger audience. However I am 24 and I can't get enough of big brain academy or Wiki sports. And Mario party 8 is awesome.
    SONIC and Mario you have to remember this is the only console that will feature these 2 gaming icons in the same game so that's worth the hassle on its own.
    With the console being such a rarity at the moment because of mass chances is your going to be paying way above the norm to get a hold of one of these. I would say save your money and wait until you can get it for the fair retail price. People are taking advantage of the popularity and charging over 300 in auctions for this baby. For £299 you could get a PS3 on play.com which comes with blue ray player and the ability to play the ps1 releases. Plus media server options and online network. You could even get a 360 elite which granted will not play HDdvd movies unless you fork out more cash (Microsoft money grubbers) but at least you would be paying a fair price.
    My advice if you can get this at the retail price go for it your kids will love it. If your kids have your heart set on it then trust me this machine price don't matter they will be over the moon. But if you're an all-round gamer wait until the retail price is available because for that money you can get the super consoles.

    overall the funnest games console. but people will rip you off in the auctions or the trade rooms because of its rarity.



    The PS3, it has a reputation of being too expensive, and not worth the money. but this is all a missconception because what your getting is worth the price tag and is actually cheaper than the rivals price.

    Blu Ray - this is the format that PS3 has chosen, and is built into the system so straight out of the box you have a Blu Ray player. PS3's rivals the XBOX 360 alow you to play HDDVD movies but that will cost you an extra £109 - £120 depending on where you buy it and when you purchased it.

    Wireless - The network is a promanent feature of the PS3 and as most people know carting a wire all the way to your router can be a pain. no worrys with the PS3 who have the wireless network adapter built into the system. there rivals will charge you an extra £54.99 - £60 for the adapter.

    those 2 seperate upgrades bump the price tag of the 360 above the PS3 including back at launch. *FACT* it would cost you about £18 - £30 more for the X-Box 360 Arcade model witha wireless adapter and HDDVD drive than a PS3 premium on Play.com. and bare in mind the Arcade X-box dose not have a hard drive attatched. thats another £50 - 60. the 360 Elite works out at nearly £465 if you buy it now with the extras that ps3 have as standard.

    The playstation network is of course free of charge while the rivals have a subscription charge for pretty much the same service. on the PSN you can download Games, Demos, Trailers, Arcade Classics such as Mortal Kombat 2, classic PS1 titles such as wipeout. and not forgetting playing your games online including you PSN compatible ps2 games. you can voice chat and send instant messages to your friends and of course browse the internet.

    Media server functions and updates. this allows you to stream music, Videos, and Photos from your PC to your PS3 without wasting your PS3 harddrive space. handy. not only that but with your PSP you can turn your PS3 on from anywhere in the world with a wireless network point and stream the videos music and photos from your ps3 to your psp. the updates allow these features to be added because at launch allot of those features did not exist.

    GAMES! not only are we getting some of the best gaming exclusives ever to be made, but Playstation have a back catalouge that is playable on the PS3. Apparently this feature is not perfect but every game i have put into my ps3 from the ps2 and ps1 collection have worked perfectly.
    People say the PS3 game collection is small. i say this is normal for a new console, X-Box 360 had no worthy titles untill there second year and PS3 is still a baby with only 8 months to its name. and the titles lined up are looking amazing. Metal Gear 4, Tekken 6, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear ONLINE!, Time Crisis 4, New Wipeouts, motorstorm 2, and of course HOME. these are just a hand ful of exclusives coming out for the PS3. but untill then we have fantastic titles such as WARHAWK to tie us over. and dont forget the many titles that are avalible on the ps3 such as Guitar Hero 3 etc etc.

    All in all the PS3 wipes the floor of the compotition, with exclusive games to make your mouth druel.

    rumor has it that if you dont have an HDTV you cant enjoy the ps3 in all its glory, this is not true and the graphics are a clear jump forward from the ps2 days. the fact is that yes it is a HD console. but just like the 360 looks great on a normal TV.

    over all.
    Price 5/5 cheaper than the rivals with same features.
    Network 5/5 free and works the same if not better than rivals
    Games 4/5 only 1 mark lost because most the great games are not out yet but that was the same in the first year for any console.
    Updates 5/5 constantly improving the system with new features.

    overall 5/5 because the games are coming.

  6.  Good attempt but its more of the same.


    i am not gonna beat around the bush if you played the smackdown series before then this is a great game however if your like me and have ever smackdown game then it unfortunatly is not the best version.

    GAME PLAY 3/5
    points that let this down is the fact that they boast new features that are the same as precious years with a name change and a slight gameplay tweak. for example. EXTREME RULES is just a hardcore match with a tweak of gameplay its nothing new although it is a kool feature. the 1 thing thats new which is part of the tweaking is crowd handing out the weapons. i hate the new submission feature, the theory is sound but you shouldnt be penalised for applying the grip too hard, it should be up to your opponent to break the grip not because you have applied a hold too hard. another gameplay decision is the decision to make wrestlers stick to some resemblance to there character. for example certain moves with a chair are only avalible to use if your characters gimmik lets him. which is not how wrestling works i understand limiting the undertaker doing any sitting sentons with a chair because in the real wwe you wouldnt see him do that BUT the guidlines are too harsh, and why cant everyone steal finishing moves now you have to be a particuler type to do that now. overall the game play is dissapointing, it can be fun and im not saying that what you get isnt good but for game play thats a let down.

    Graphics 4/5 loses 1 mark for pretty much being supped up versions of the same, stunning but the same errors such as collision detection with the hair is still prominant.

    Sound 3/5 this is dissapointing aswell. the commentry is exactly the same as last year, its dull, repetative, and sounds nothing like how they react to a TV match. i was watching a making TNA Impact game video and Don west along with Mike tenay were realy going for it. commenty has so much potential but this game disspoints in that department as it has done for years.
    this would have been 4/5 if not for a feature that was not included in this release. the xbox 360 players get a nice and long overdue feature which is to add there own music collection to the in ring theme musics that allows them to create wrestlers of Past and in other companys with there current theme music or there WWE music which is readaly avalible on CD's on Play.com this feature should have been included and its just a slap in the face that THQ gave x-box a better extra.

    Online Play 4/5 lacks voice chat ATM but i hope that is more of a PSN fix than anything.

    FUN FACTOR 5/5 as with all SvR games these are damm fun and you soon couldnt care less about the flaws in the game when you get going. i feel ever since they started releasing this game yearley they have been rushed to adapt new things into the engine and that in turn leaves allot of problems lerking however no one can deny in a year with the regig and graphical improvements that this is a good game. i would hope with the PSN avalible that new content will be addable to the game such as move sets and the song ripping feature. i would say for SVR 2009 make that the last in the series with lots of dedicated network features and downloads including wrestler updates and work on a new game. this Engine is still fun but for how long.

    Overall 4/5 with my general thoughts that its the same game tweaked slightly but well worth the purchase for you first HD wrestling game. if your rich enough to have a 360 aswell get the 360 version. and everyone should give the Wii version a go.

  7.  Finaly Affordable


    As a big star trek fan it comes to no suprise that i want every season on DVD, however at the hefty price tag that the Hard Cases had there was no way i could ever afford it. Then somthing amazing happened. Star Trek the next generation was released with slimline casing. at a price tag that was affordable so i snapped up all 7 seasons and i tell you one thing they were worth every penny. the boxsets looked fantastic and they were cheap to buy.

    Now Finaly i can have deep space nine which is my favorite of all the star treks on DVD with the affordable price tag. all 7 seasons will soon be mine. all that there is left is for voyager in slim case. as for ENTERPRISE. even if that was free i would never have it compared to TNG DS9 and VOYAGER, enterprise was nothing. KEEP ON RELEASING THESE SLIM PACKS!