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  1.  Go on buy it!


    Firstly if your going to review clothing i would suggest you would give details of what size you are and what size you got and how it fits, i think this is more heldfull for those thinking of buying, so here goes...
    I'm a size 14-16 uk female and i bought size large and it fits perfect. Not too tight and not too loose, the kind of clothing you feel comfortable in. I hate things that are too tight when you move and this isn't one of them. This item is so comfy, the inside is that lovely soft fluffy material. Highly recommend.I'm not a big take that fan but it doesn't matter if your not cos it's just their symbol, not "I love Take That" or anything. fantastic item...go on buy it!

  2.  About as good as Edward!


    I read the reviews but still went ahead for my collection. Looks nothing like bella AT ALL! Also paint work horrid. But buy if ur crazy like me and want them all! Alice and jasper so much better, id recommend them!

  3.  Get it u wont be dissapointed!


    Product is 11cm by 11cm and 3cm deep, just bigger than a light switch! Smaller than i expected but better quality than i expected. it's weighty, being metal(i kind of expected plastic to be honest!). On every side it has the words "i will always be there for you...i will never go away" nicely engraved into it. Material inside. Defo want to buy more of these, edward etc as well made and wont take up to much room. Comes in a box. Great for fiver! Picture is nice and well protected. a must for twilight fans!

  4.  It's just not edward!


    I am happy with Alice and Jasper but my Edward (ha i wish) just doesn't look like him at all. The paint work done on his face is a mess(skin colour over lapping lips and hair) Maybe i just got a bad one! Nice item if you get a good paint job done on it!

  5.  He looks great next to Alice!


    I got Alice and Jasper. they are fab compared to my Twilight version of Edward(painted horrid and nothing like him). I want to open them but know i shouldn't cos once opened they will forever be covered in dust!. Love his 'i want to eat you' expression on face! Comes in box with Jasper written on front, on reverse there is photo of jasper and his statistics(full name,status, group,dob.do transformation,abilities) interesting for any fan. havn't gave either of these figures a 5 star cos they will never be as good as the real thing, ha ha!

  6.  A must for fans!


    This item comes in a box(duh!) with ALICE written on front. The reverse has photo of Alice with a quote and statistics(full name,status,group,date of birth, date of transformation, abilities) which i thought interesting. The doll itself is 100% better than my twilight edward, he was painted horrid and looked nothing like him. This one looks like alice and is painted nice, especially her face. Love it!

  7.  I'm fighting the kids for it!


    Having had sylvanian families myself as a child i felt the urge to buy my children the same. I want to be a kid again! This caravan is just so cute. It's the attention to detail which amazes me! There is even a pull out ironing board, pull down toilet with toilet roll holder, shower, sink, kitchen with drawers full of utensils etc, bed linen and even a hidden compartment on floor to store the linen when not in use. Worth every penny!

  8.  Lovely gift to get the brain going!


    Thinking to buy? Then i would say go for it! The packaging is lovely and products inside weighty as each metal puzzle a good size. Great gift for all ages, especially for the grandads out there! Looks more expensive than it is. Also looks like you have stepped back in time with design of the box!

  9.  Could have been better!


    Pillowcase arrived today, i am obsessed with twilight saga and had to get this item. Great price from Play, thats why i bought it. Glad i hadn't paid full price though! Pillowcase seems nice quality and i do like it but it's Bella! She looks different. It's probably what happens when you try to place an image on fabric. From a distance she looks fine. It's probably just me being picky tho. Don't let me put you off. I'm glad i bought. I would be scared to put it through the wash though incase it fades. Won't be getting used- just for display, i sound sad, ha ha!

  10.  Yum Yum Yum!


    These are just the cutest wee lip gloss pack i've ever seen! They smell lovely, just like the different flavour chocolates you would find in a box of chocolates. One is vanilla chocolate, one chocolate, one praline and one strawberry chocolate. They smell isn't over powering it is just right i would say. You wouldn't know they were lipgloss till you saw the tag. If you want the aww factor then these deliver. Perfect gift. Thanks Play for selling at the cheapest i've found!