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    As a massive Naruto fan, and having owned and playing EVERY Naruto game released on home console in the UK, totaling over 12 games, this has to be the worst. We are promised this string of new characters, but instead, we get them only as Support Characters.
    The Story Mode as been simplified, and shortened unjustifiably. I finished all the 'Character Stories' and 'Tournaments' in a matter of, roughly 6 hours?
    Also, with the simplified Substitution system, allowing 4 substitutions in a row, then needing to wait for them to recharge over time, leaving you vulnerable to devastatingly long combos which can take off half of your health or even more, instead of rewarding skilled gameplay with the original Substitution system which required a perfectly timed block.
    The gameplay is still fun, and the art and voice acting is still the same as the previous title. Generations yes, brings back the younger characters, and adds a few new ones, but the amount of features REMOVED from the game, combined with the small amount of additions, doesn't warrant the cost of a full retail release. I payed it yes, but only as a die-hard fan of the series, and a collector, otherwise, knowing what I now know, I would not purchase this game, rent maybe, easily finished and gotten bored of in a day.

  2.  pwn


    I love this item, but for some reason the v on mine is white not black, and other parts which should be white are gold... Its still awesome though!

  3.  AWESOME!!!


    The best album by the band, infact, its now my favourite album of all time, and i consider BB my favourite band EVER!
    Amazing piece of work, and i suppose, as well as thanking the band, we should also thank the record company, who didnt give the band any deadlines and didnt rush them on production, allowing such a high quality piece of work to be produced! 5*!