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  1.  great blu ray film, well put together steelbook


    as the other review only mentions the fact they didnt get this, i though i would review this, the blu ray disc is the same as the none steelbook edition, which is great, good picture and great sound with quite alot of extras thrown in, the steelbook is very good, looks great on the front cover, with a slight metallic finish which glistens when the light hits it, artwork on the back and the original poster picture inside, spread across both sleeves, very nic, i bought this after already owning the original blu ray release and i am glad i did, worth upgrading if you already own this, and deffo if you have not got the film at all on blu ray, as no doubt this will at least double in price over time, overall a great steelbook to have in collection and the film is a must

  2.  i wanna rock (and the blu ray really does)


    i must admit, i was in 2 minds on whether to get this on blu ray or dvd, as could it really be much better on blu ray, asapart from the sound, you aint really getting a title that will blow you away in hi def (dark club settings, lots of greasy hair etc) well i'm glad i went for the blu ray, picture is so realistic with fantastic flash scenes of full blown colour (the lights, the mad clothes we used to wear, forgot how colourful some of them were, and some of the mad and amazing hair colours), but what really blew me away was just how god damn brilliant the music sounded, if you have a cinema system, this truly is like being in a crowded room full of noisy people with an unbelievable loud noise coming from the band, with the depth of them drums, which always pierced your rib cage with vibration, this blu ray captures it so realisticley its frightning, the film is a great ride down memory lane to, even if the songs have been changed, bottom line, if you remember what them days were like, this is a must have, and blows the dvd away in every department (except the extras, which are a little thin) but a great real life documentry thrown in as well even if a little short, is still great to watch and have a laugh to yourself about, finally, its great to see mr cruise taking such a role on, and hamming it up to his best, he surprised me anyway, this is a great nights in entertainment....long live rock n roll

  3.  classic style ghost story with a bang on blu ray


    The film is done in a style very similiar to what used to be done years ago, albeit its story driven first and scares second (like john carpenters the thing, if you've seen this, you will know what i mean), i've missed this kind of filmaking to be honest and glad to see a proper story driven film made, onto the blu ray, picture is what we have come to expect from a new film, transfer is on a whole clean and sharp, though with so many dark scenes and foggy moments, and occasional grain appearing now and again (only very briefly), it never was going to compete for best transfer of the year, the sound is where this films takes off, and especially leaves dvd in the shade, sounds of creepy kids voices,whirling wind and rain,and of course the woman in black herself all precisely positioned in the surround department, and a thumping bass when needed, that will have your walls shaking when called upon, all this makes for one of the best ghost/chiller or even horror releases yet to come on blu ray, it has been along time since i watched a film with the family, and wanted to watch again straight after on my own, this was one i did

  4.  The Thing screams onto Blu Ray


    Ok, we all know its a prequel, wont go to much into story, but cant believe all the negatives flying around elsewhere (abit like the first then when that first came out, and we all know the rest), this 2011 version is very good, and not till the end does it all tie in with John Carpenters follow on, as for the Blu Ray, got this region free from the States, picture is quite good, but not quite as sharp as some more recent releases, this is not one to show off maximum Hi Def in truth, as most of the picture is either white from the snow (be careful if you have your colour settings high, as it will dazzle you with the whites) and in blizzard conditions, or dark shadowy sections when inside the camp at night, so not alot else colour really, the sound is a different kettle of fish, starts off abit slow and builds up with amazing use of surround sound and quite earth shattering bass, one of the best uses of surround ever in any horror movie made, extras aint as many as hoped, but what there is are quite insightful and interesting, somehow i cant help but think there is a re release in future with this, but overall it is alot better than the dvd version you get as well, and a must own in your bly ray collection, overall awesome experience

  5.  pixar blu ray just gets better and better


    the film itself in my opinion is better than the first (austin powers meets james bond, and completely mad as a plot), the story no matter how hard to believe works surprisingly really well with the characters from the first film and brings the new characters slap up straight in quickly, the only thing i would say on the film is it might be hard for young (2-5 year olds) to understand at all, but they will be hypnotised by all the on screen action, as for the blu ray, pixar have yet again uped the anti here in terms of picture and sound (7.1 dts master for starters), the picture is faultless and is yet again pixars best looking blu ray to date (i thought the incredibles would take longer to beat), and is amazing (check out any of the world race scenes, any one of them is top demo quality)as is the sound, used amazingly, from quite back drop noises of glasses in a bar being put down, going all the way around your living room, but very discretely, to the full blown shake your walls down blast of any of the car races or any one of the plenty of explosions that takes place, there is only one slight downside concerning this blu ray, you only get one disc, with a card inside offering you the chance to claim a free dvd of the film (why not just add it, like all other disney blu rays), and there is a serious lack of any extras, but what you do get is 2 short films, which are fantastic, one with mater learning to fly, and another absolute gem from the toy story team, both are worth their wait and do somewhat make up for the lack of any real extras i suppose, but if you are not bothered about extra content (and lets be honest, most of the time you will only ever watch them once), then this will defo keeps all kids quite all the way through, and that 2 hours of peace and quite is worth its weight in gold, and makes this a must buy for any fan or family with young children.... brilliant

  6.  is it really worth paying again


    Firstly the films are fantastic, this review is purely about the blu ray, there seems so many reviews on here going on about the great quality and that to get the best out of these films is to have them split over 2 discs, the fact is this, apart from the first film, the other 2 are taken from the same master as the theatrical set, with the exception of the extra audio tracks, yes the films are longer, but there is still space on each disc to put each film on one disc and then some, as for the sound, if you have not heard the theatrical set then this is good, but the theatrical set is better, with better surround and deeper bass, i am on my second boxset here having sent the first back thinking there was a problem with my boxset only to have another come which is exactly the same (my system as been in home cinema mags, so i do know what i am talking about on this front),overall though if you had to choose between this set, the theatrical set or stick with the dvd, this is the best (if you can live with the less superior sound) bottom line is this, this is ultimately taken from the hi def master that was created for the dvd set (yes lotr was filmed back then in hi def for the cinema), hence the split over 2 discs, and not because it was needed to be put on 2 BD discs for optimal viewing (check up home cinema review on this)

  7.  simply incredible


    we all know what a great film this is, this review is of the blu ray, i have the usa region free version, and if you thought the quality of the dvd couldnt get better, think again, colours scream off the screen, the scene where Mr incredible and the robot first fight, the lave just pops right out at you (almost like 3d, its that vivid), but for me, it is the quiter scenes that really have been improved, like when Mr incredible is talking to the old lady near the beginning, on dvd the picture had the slighest flicker, not anymore, rock solid on blu ray, and as for the sound, the DTS master matches the picture, so much more ambient sound effects now, than the dvd did not or could not pick up on, bass is up there with anything out today, sonic depth reaches new heights (check out the scene where elasta girl is flying the plane, and the rockets are about to hit), bottom line, simply the best pixar blu ray release to date, and thats saying something i know, roll on finding nemo

  8.  blu ray comes of age


    i,m not going to say about the film,you will love it or hate it, with no inbetween (independence day anyone), up until most non pixar films have been close in quality to an upscaled dvd (albeit with better sound), this year blu ray has made the jump into a big difference, starting with 2012, the picture is near on perfect, and the sound, which has DTS now matching LPCM at last, this is the new demo disc, and leaves T4,transformers 2 and the latest star trek film miles behind in quality, for anyone who has a decent to high end sound system,prepare to actually (at last) feel like you are in the movie, bring on Avatar