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  1.  Not good at all!


    I thought this game was going to be superb, great idea and I couldnt wait for the release. Now after playing the game it is such a dissapointment. The graphics are terrible, not that different from previous Duke Nukem games to be honest. Its gets very repetitive, running and shooting and the gameplay just feels horrible. Multiplayer is unbelievable as well. Words cant even describe the lack of effort they put into multiplayer, its like they just added something in quickly at the end. If I were you I'd wait until the game is much cheaper, dont buy it at the price it is at the moment.

  2.  Great Game!!!


    This is a brilliant game. The best spiderman game on the 360 by a mile way. The graphics are really unique and i like a game thats different. Lots of upgrades and challanges to keep you busy for a while aswell and the combat is truly awsome! Excellent game.

  3.  Very Entertaining And Challenging Game.


    This game is brilliant with its mix of comedy, action, adventure and puzzles all fitted into this game. You wont get bored of it as theres so much you can do in the game. Awsome.

  4.  OK....But Not The Best


    This game is good with its campaign and multiplayer experience but i found that this game became abit repetetive and the graphics in some aspects were a letdown. But you can get some real fun out of it.

  5.  A Must Have!


    This is what makes an xbox 360 console worth having. One of the best games ever!!

  6.  Not bad, But not the best


    This game is quite good with its large variety of combat and characters. Its abit repetetive though and once you complete it theres really nothing else to it. Good for the price though.

  7.  Guitar Hero 3 Is The Legend Of Rock.


    Best guitar hero game. The setlist, the story and the online experience beats any other guitar hero by a mile.

  8.  Rubbish


    Didnt like it. Graphics are terrible as well as the gameplay. It just didnt seem like an xbox 360 game. Most games had taken gaming to the next level. This one hasnt.

  9.  Splinter Cell's Best!!


    This game is good with the diffferent varieties of gameplay it has to offer which has never been seen in a game before. The story is entertaining and action packed but a bit to shoort and the story is a bit misleading.
    Online is truly immense, with a friend. The co-op experience really gives this game an edge. But the experience didnt last very long as it seemed to get abit repetetive. Thats only my opinion, others believe this game is very addicting but me personally find it repetetive.

  10.  Red Dead Exception


    This game is just one of a kind. Rockstar did it again with their brilliant single player and multiplayer experience. Its just amazing!!!