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  1.  perfect portable game


    I love everybodys golf 2.Its fun and addictive,quirky and amusing with all the highs and lows of a game of golf.You will feel hard done by when what you thought was a perfect pitch and putt rolls off the green and into a bunker,and will feel amazing when you sink a hole in one or a chip in eagle etc.With these types of shots an auomatic replay will further increase the joy of the moment,with an option to record your moment of glory to watch again and feel smug about later.Ive owned this game for a long time now,and still find it to be the perfect pick up and play game for a portable console.I have to commute by train quite often and Its great to load up and have a quick round of golf on a train ride.

  2.  brilliant


    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is one of, if not the,best game I have ever played.The controls in order to change weapons etc are a little fiddley,but it doesnt take long to get used to the controls,and the button presses quickly becomes instinctual.The gamelplay is fun,challenging without being annoying or frustrating, and it has plenty of replay value.(which you will want to do in order to open the bonus levels)And at the new price for platinum in my opinion this game is a must buy for all psp owners.

  3.  Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins is so,so rubbish!


    The gameplay is made unfairly difficult and extremely annoying for two reasons.You have no control over your characters distance when he jumps.Unlike sonic and mario where you have an influence on the distance and direction of the jump,a press of the X button sends Arthur into a jump with predetermined height and length.This makes the game frustrating if you want to do a small leap to avoid an enemy or trap(which you will want to do quite often)where instead Arthur does a large leap usually landing on a differant enemy or trap and loosing a life.This poor design of character movement is made even more annoying when you find that many of the longer traps to jump over have the ledge you are jumping to off the screen. It means that you have to press the X button and hope for the best.You have to rely on luck rather than skillfully manipulating your character.I wouldnt reccommend this game to anyone unless they enjoyed being very, very stressed!