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  1.  Recommended


    For a low budget, direct to dvd film, this was very entertaining and kept me gripped all the way through.
    It's well paced, and once the action moves to the forest setting, it reminded me of one of the 80's films that Sly or Arnie used to make, but on a much smaller scale.
    Worth a watch.

  2.  Far fetched, but disturbing


    This thriller has a couple of good twists, but ends up like a typical slasher film once the central mystery has been revealed.
    This is when the cameraman gives up trying to make a good film as they become obsessed with filming Jennifer Lawrence's breasts. Every shot seems to have her chest in close up once she strips down to a t shirt!
    I'm sure now she's won the Oscar she'll put these B movie roles behind her.

  3.  Great twist


    I'm a big fan of scary films and this took me by surprise. The best part is the central twist and how it impacts on all the characters.
    Once you realise who the caller is, the film is very enjoyable and disturbing, as their ability to alter the course of the film shows.
    Even the ending made you think.
    A brooding, solid little thriller with a nasty sting in the tail.

  4.  One of the best chillers for a while


    This is probably the best horror thriller since Insidious, and has some incredibly spooky scenes which gave me goose bumps, especially the ones with the camcorder footage.
    The twist ending is quite shocking, but the events leading up to it give a good indication of what to expect, so the viewer can guess where it is heading.
    The only thing I felt ruined it was the final scare. I don't find quiet scenes, followed by something screaming into the camera is that original anymore and seemed tacked on.
    Other than that the film was great.

  5.  Quite good


    Bear in mind this is a fairly low budget, small scale picture, as most of the action takes place in one house.
    The build up to the twist is quite intriguing, but the solution to the mystery is a bit too far fetched.
    Also, the 15 certificate doesn't prepare the viewer for a very graphic murder scene, which I felt should have made the film an 18.
    Not bad if you keep your expectations fairly low.

  6.  Worth a watch


    I picked this up cheap, and was intrigued by the story and the fact that Samuel L.Jackson was in it.
    It's a low budget film, so don't expect too much, but it's worth it for seeing Jackson give his usual intense performance, and there's a twist at the end that explains his presence in the film, which was quite good.

  7.  Disappointing


    Normally i'll give a badly reviewed film a chance, but this was a lot of boring chat leading up to almost nothing. It's 'plot' would barely sustain a half hour episode of a tv show, but stretched to feature length my mind kept wandering. Scenes just seemed to drag on, and you expected something major to happen and then...nothing.
    By the end, you'll be asking, is that it?

  8.  Better than I expected


    This is much better than the Stallone version, but the storyline is too similar to The Raid and it isn't as intense as that action packed film.
    Karl Urban does a good interpretation of Dredd and there are one or two twists in the story to keep it interesting, plus the music score is suitably dark and hypnotic.
    One problem I have, the box says 2.35 widescreen, but it plays 1.85 on my screen. The same happened with Lockout also on the same label. Others plays right, but these don't seem to.

  9.  Better than I expected


    Despite the corny storyline, this tongue in cheek horror/action thriller actually works quite well, and is packed with violent action, bad language, gore, making it perfect Friday night entertainment.
    I'm looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

  10.  Great sequel


    This is wall to wall action, with a superb cast, corny one liners, breakneck pace which never lets up and a real charge from seeing Arnie, Sly and Bruce kicking terrorist butt, plus Van Damme makes a great villain.
    Can't wait for Expendables 3.