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  1.  First Yakuza title I tried (Demo)


    And I'm definately getting the full version. As the first Yakuza title I have tried, I really can't say how much better the game has got, but I found there was so much things at my fingertips when I first played I didn't know where to start.

    Japanese Voice-Actors with English Subtitles - yay!

    I'm usually no good at these games but combat was fairly easy (on easy difficulty hehe) hitting square constatly pulls combos and is enough for street thugs. But there is much more you can do with throwing your opponent standing or grounded and using weapons - you can't win against the bigwigs with just one button.

    The combos look flashy and has you thinking "Hell yeah, I think his front teeth just went flying!". An upgradable stat system allows you to build your character stronger as you fight more battles giving you access to meaner and more effective ways of dispatching your foes.

    The Demo didn't offer too much on the storyline, but even so, I found myself drawn to the affairs of the protagonist, I guess a Yakuza's life on the edge is much more interesting than an office-workers.

    Being the Gamer I am, I also HAD to take a go at the in-game arcade. The games are much more fun than I thought, however demo only allowed access to 2, crane game and a sideways shooter game. The shooter game was surprisingly well made, don't expect 1990's graphics it looks pretty awesome being just a mini game. And the crane game WAS fun. Don't diss, I guarantee you that you will have atleast 10 teddies from the machine (Demo only had teddies).

    Well, it was a short taster of the game, but I thought it was very good. But I believe the demo tried to highlight only the good points of the game. The demo started with many things such as lengthened combos and extra abilities that will no doubt take some time to unlock. Also in one fight my AI partners did NOTHING to help me. Well, maybe they dazzled my opponent a bit by constantly dodging around him, but despite all that, I am still the only one that gets gutted like a fish by a Katana.

    Another thing that was kinda a let down for me was the controls in adventure mode. Adventure mode is when you're walking around town doing whatever a Yakuza does. Only certain things are interactive and most people you see you won't be able to talk to. Many objects are non interactive and you can only pick things up and throw things like chairs when you're in combat. You can't attack in adventure mode - so there goes your sucker punches. I guess there are some rules to being Yakuza after all.

  2. MAG



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     You should play this atleast once.


    This game is a must have for fans of the genre. Even if the sound of it doesn't appeal to you I urge people to try the trial (ends Jan 10th).

    As a person that doesn't normally play these types of games I was pleasantly surprised how much fun I had. The controls are fairly typical, left stick movement, right stick view control and R1 fires the gun. Knowing these is enough to set you off. The graphics are good, and for this game it means a lot. Hiding in bushes and around walls can be done very well, if you like to do that.
    But MAG had the concept of 'Teamwork' built into it from the ground up, no matter how good a player you are, you will need to rely on your teammates for support if you want to accomplish the objectives. This means that although experience is a good thing, new players can feel part of a close-knit team too, if you listen to orders.
    The maps are fairly large, not too large that you need to run a mile to get anywhere, it feels just about right whether you like to rush into the action, hold back to snipe or try to sneak behind enemy lines. Many areas are riddled with paths that you can take without needing to keep jumping and jumping to get to a nice spot.

    The skills and career management is very nice too, it allows players to personalise their own characters a bit more. Other than the standard weapons, players will need to level up to unlock further weapons and enhancements to current ones. Skills also include things like increased fall resistance, ability to heal/revive other teammates and a plethora of other options to try. If you don't like your character, once you gain even respec points, you can redistribute your skills points. (Don't quote me on this though, I haven't completely filled up my Respec Gauge to try it out.)
    You are allowed 3 equipment sets that you can customise how you want. These 'sets' are the weapons/armor that you go into battle with and can switch to another 'set' during a match when you die allowing you to go from medic role to sniper and maybe even rapid assault to fit the situation.

    Thats all I can really say at this point, Trial ends tomorrow and I haven't reached level 10 to unlock the other game modes, so I've only been playing sabotage, which is pretty fun. It is similar to defend/attack bombsites, but with a little twist. The enemy must first hold 2 locations simultaneous, they don't need to capture them at the same time, as long as they have both under their control before they can attack the bombsite. Once they can attack ther bombsite, the first 2 areas are locked so they cannot be retaken by defending team.

    There are other modes, but I haven't been able to try themn out, if you're reading this before Jan 10th is over download the free trial from the playstation store and give it a try, like marmite, you might love it or hate it.

    I love it.

  3.  Love this game to bits.


    Incredible game, really like it. Good character diversity. Fun missions that are easy to win though can be aggravating trying to do the bonus requirements. Easy to get into. Free Battle Mode allows easy pick up and play, main story mode requires a bit more time. Loading times in the main story (bringing up Konoha Village) is fairly long. Good graphics reminiscent of the anime. No real replay value.

    All the missions in the main storyline are fairly easy to complete, even the bonuses associated with the missions. Gameplay essentially revolves around the same few aspects, battle, field and 'mini games', though the mini games are missions in themselves and some can vary a little bit. Some missions allow you to choose who you want to play as, some require you to use a specific character, all the non-battle missions require you to use Naruto.

    There are a good diversity in characters, at the very least if you are a Naruto Fan, you're bound to find someone you like. Each character is generally unique in that you won't find someone else exactly the same, but at the same time the differences won't differ all that much in terms of gameplay and combat effects. Characters have a very small amount of customisation:
    You can choose which ninjutsu they wish to use in combat, you can only use one, and the ultimate ninjutsu cannot be changed.
    Some characters have different costumes to use.
    Some characters can begin in an awakened state.

    Downloadable content is also a plus, enabling you to pick around 8 more support ONLY characters, as well as extra missions. (Note that these extra missions are not connected to the original missions, you can download these and choose not to do any of them and still unlock everything the game has to offer easily.)

    I thought the graphics were very good, on HDTV it was sharp and although it isn't 'True Anime graphics' it is still close enough for an Anime-like experience. I can't say too much on sound other than the game allows you to choose between English and Japanese Voices, dialogue has English 'Subtitles'. I thought the Japanese Voices were very good, I never tried English - I didn't want to hear Naruto going "Believe it!" all the time. (I didn't like English Dubbed Naruto Anime.)

    When I played through, I easily clocked over 30 hours of gameplay time, though I don't tend to mess around a lot in my games until after I finish it or whatever. Once you reach 100% completion though, it may take you 4 days (40 hours gameplay time) or more if you don't play as much, but there is little else to do after that.