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  1.  Blank Points


    Okay, So finally the PSP game has been released after 4 years or so since KH2. Right, So with Birth By Sleep it's a prequel set 10 years before the events of the first game. I've now finished the game and it was just as good as the main titles on the PS2, The graphics and style looks amazing for the PSP, Probably the best looking game for the system. The combat is the best it's ever been and it has a excellent flow that gets better and better. I'd recommend playing through and getting 100% completion or beating the game on Hard/Proud mode to unlock the secret ending "Blank Points" since it sets up nicely for the next main game in the series it works similarly to the secret endings from KH1 - "Deep Dive" and KH2 "Birth By Sleep" The characters Terra, Ven & Aqua are very likeable due to the fact they're very similar to Riku, Sora & Kairi, Don't be fooled by Ven's appearance he is NOT Roxas.

    Overal great game and hey NO MORE GUMMY SHIP! Finally!

  2.  Awesome!


    How Leonard met Sheldon! Need i seriously say anymore!

    The best season so far, super hyped for season 4 after this seasons finale!

  3.  Not worth being in a bargain bin


    Where to begin on this game.... first off it's just awful... it seems like the developers just threw something together at last minute
    A) It has terrible graphics not even Sega Saturn standards...
    B) The Controls are dire! You want it to do something, it does the opposite
    C) The gameplay is the same thing over and over again
    and finally it's a waste of time and effort.
    Nobody will enjoy it when there are many other party games to keep everyone busy and can enjoy like Wii Sports Resort & Mario Kart Wii...

    Don't waste the time on this game, save up for something with a bit more playability and production value : )