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  1.  Don't waste your life or money


    How did the #1 reviewer get their title?

    It took me 5 tries at watching this film.
    Sure it has an all-star cast, but every single role is terrible and laughable, the acting is poor. It's almost as if the actors haven't read the script and stop every scene to read it! no flow whatsoever
    The costumes are even worse, helmets clearly made of injection moulded plastic with little attempt to prove otherwise.

    The action is awful, no choreography and Jason Statham seems to want to kick everyone to death, but unconvincingbly unlike Chuck Norris!
    Not forgetting his random Boomerang which seems to be able to kill 6 monsters in a row.

    It's a 15 yet there is no actual violence, swearing, sex or anything like that.

    Just....avoid. Unless drunk, in which case, still avoid unless you're that bored!

  2.  Brilliant


    Excellent film. I only watched it as a 'pass the time' film as usually I don't go for Oscar films.
    I thought it was excellent, I usually dislike Jonah Hill but he was brilliant and it was a really interesting insight into the world of Baseball, and how mathmeticians changed it forever. Surprised to learn it was also a true story and is inspiring, considering today's world seems to revolve around money and not the talent seen in front of you.

  3.  Couldnt wait for it to end


    Predicted the ending from the first 5 minutes. This film is boring after the first 30 minutes. Good acting but sadly not strengthened by good plot/writing. Would have expected more with scorcese, compared to the rest of the films.
    I guess its worth a watch, but like before, Im sure this has been done before

  4. 2012



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     Overhyped, dissappointing.


    Had the potential to be great, like 'The Day After Tomorrow'. Unfortunately it seems they went OTT on effects rather than story.
    The film starts waaay too quickly, no characters are developed and its just generally incredibly unrealistic. Obvioulsy a film about the end of the world has some artistic license, but this is a bit too much.
    I can't even remember the film going into why the world has suddenly fallen apart, so either it wasn't there, or was touched on for a second.

  5.  Dont fall for the band wagon.


    First of all, I would just say that people shouldn't jump on the band wagon.
    The special effects in the film were amazing yes, but thats what you get for being the most expensive film ever made, and I believe it took 14 years to make.
    The storyline however, was awful. The funniest thing was in a trailer before the film, there was basically a cartoonised version of the film coming out, with humans attacking a planet of worm things that had to fend them off their planet.

    I read, in America some people tried to commit suicide after watching Avatar, because they couldnt handle our planet not being like Pandora, thats the kind of immersement you get out of this film, you get sucked right in, until the end, especially with the 3D effects, although the 3D wasnt used to full advantage, it was used to show off more of the scenery than any action sequences sadly.
    All in all, a thrilling 3-3 1/2 hours, should have got more oscars, as the hurt locker was just an awful film.

  6.  Amazing


    Without a doubt the best TV Medical series ever, and one of the best TV series.
    It doesn't just focus on medical problems, but more on the lives of the staff in the hospital, and that they are by no means perfect.
    It is also medically accurate and always many great story lines happening, along with lots of laughs along the way, and occasionally a major incident. I followed most of the series and even though im a bloke, had quite a few tears in the corner of my eyes at many points during the series because you get to know the cast so much. Its sad its over, but it went on for 15 years, not many series can claim that.
    I bought series 1-14 when off work long term and watched most of them, cost me 130+ so this is 1000% worth it!