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  1.  clever sequal


    this film follows directly the original movie so you must forget chainsaw 2 and so on.the 3d as with many more movies is more for gimmick,but the acting is first class,and the portrayal of leatherface is rather heartfelt,giving a deeper fealing for the character by its target audience,yes theres blood screems and all you expect but honestly the writer and director have acheived with one movie what it took freddy fans several films to obtain,that is a split genre audience lover of gore its for you,lover of story its for you,lover of mindless horror its for you,lover of the hero/heroin its for you,its a well writen well photographed homage to the original,a sequal worth watching and although i own all the others they dont come close to this one

  2.  snuff the mother of the banned genre


    actualy a 1976 movie,this was notorious because of the manson era and played to a wider audiences fear that life is cheap enough to film a death,by this i mean the end scene.this movie deserves to be viewed as in my opinion its director showed bravery for mmaking a visual feast,ok a bit under budget and today dated but honestly without this movie,many of our mainstream cult gore fest horrors would not be gracing our video dvd and blu ray collection,and lets remember a movie is designed to instill all types of emotion,and i find this one still does just that,acting is a little wooden at times and thhe movi all be it short can seem long,but if you release yourself to the images and dialogue,you will come away,knowing that this film like many others built the foundation blocks for so many other films.