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  1.  Funniest...stand up...ever!!


    Micky Flanagan is the funniest stand up i've seen,.this DVD is hilarious,from about 5 seconds in you are laughing,..belly laughing,.the Cockney accent is genuine,which adds to the effect,.he makes a mistake during his routine,..and he even turns that into a brilliant routine,..meant or not,.its funny.

  2. inFamous



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    Love this game,.i thought it was a wee bit tough to start with,.but once you get used to the gameplay,.its awesome.Didn't get bored once! The story just keeps you hooked,.add to that trying to get all the blast shards,.(there are 350 of them!!) i got them all,.BTW.

    The only thing i thought was a bit frustrating was when Cole died,.you respawn ,.usually no where near where you died,at a health centre.which is fair enough,.but quite annoying when you need to ride round rail tracks for miles to get where you were originally . Cant wait to try inFAMOUS 2.

  3.  Pretty good


    Just watched this recently,not expecting too much because i had seen some trailers,but it was really good,.seriously,.marky mark is really good.There are some unbelievable scenes,..of course there are,.but its an action movie,..turn your brain off and enjoy,.Possibly Mark Wahlbergs' finest hour,...Concerning Danny Glover,.what the hell has happened to his voice,.you will know what i mean when you hear him in this. The only reason its 4 stars instead of 5 is the predictability element.,.I know i said turn your brain off,.but come on,.you know there is going to be a twist when the movie FINISHES 10 minutes before its due to finish,..do you know what i mean.