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  1.  Just plain awful.


    Don't get me wrong, i loved the first film but somehow they have taken everything viable and exciting about the first movie and removed it for the sequel.

    I can barely express how disappointing this film is. Even the action sequences seem tired and poorly choreographed compared to the first. It feels like they've hashed this movie out as fast as possible and without any thought to capitalise on the success of its predecessor. It's a complete and total let down from start to finish.

    You have been warned...

  2.  Fantastic


    Considering the age of the film the Blu Ray transfer is extremely impressive. The depth of colour and picture quality is far superior to the DVD and no grain in sight! Anyone who says otherwise simply doesn't have a t.v good enough to show the difference.

    As for the film... Eastwood and Burton taking on a castle full of Nazis. Need i say more?

  3.  I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a comedy?


    An awful, awful movie without a single redeeming feature or second of humour. They should have stopped after the first one. Seriously, what on earth were they thinking? The cast should be ashamed and the writers should be shot.



    Star Trek fan or not, just buy it. The script, the plot, the action sequences, the SFX and the Blue Ray transfer are all spectacular. You will not be disappointed.

    Also, if you are a fan and own it on DVD, burn that copy and buy this.

    And if you have written a review complaining about the Blue Ray quality buy a better t.v. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  5.  Genius...


    Quite simply the greatest animated series ever made. Fantastic characters, superb plots and storyline development and healthy doses of a dystopian sci-fi future and plenty of ass kicking.

    When it comes to the world of anime and manga if you haven't seen this you're not worth talking to.

    Buy it, buy it, buy it.

  6.  Excellent but probably the saddest film i've ever seen.


    If you're expecting fantastic acting from a stellar cast then you won't be disappointed. If you're expecting something uplifting then be warned... this film has the most depressing ending in film history and actually made me miserable for an entire weekend. :-(

  7.  Perfect in almost every sense.


    A truly inspired, inventive and original film with an ending that actually reaffirms your faith in humanity. A must for every film fan. People who claim not to like it should be thought of as 'special' and talked about with pity in hushed tones at parties,

  8.  Utter, utter rubbish.


    Possibly the worst movie i have ever seen.
    From an interesting premise to the most lengthy, painful movie experience of my life with lightning speed.
    So convoluted and inane that in the special feature interviews even the cast freely admit that they had no idea what the director was doing.
    An evening of my life i will never get back... you have been warned.

    Anyone claiming to like this film should be sectioned.