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  1.  Something new and original for once


    Dawn of war 2 has had some very mixed reviews and personally I think this is just because people just don't understand what it's trying to do. For too long strategy games have been using the tried and tested formula of spending the first 10 minutes of every mission building a base, farming resources repelling a couple of attacks then building more tanks than you can shake a stick at before mowing down your enemy. To me this has become really boring! One of the reasons why dawn of war was so successful is because it got away with the rubbish of collecting resources by harvesting ore, some weird green crystals or whatever else! But got down to the whole point of the strategy game......STRATEGY! I'm sure there were people who hated the idea of getting rid of collecting resources in the traditional sense however I firmly believe that it was the right thing to do for the genre. It made the battlefield come alive and you had to really push hard to get the resources you needed to push even harder. You couldn't just sit in your base until you had enough resources to build some stupidly over the top weapon or had enough tanks to challenge the U.S.S.R at the height of its power.
    Dawn of war 2 has tried doing something just as controversial by scrapping the idea of having base and in the single player game having an "army" of like 9 space marines. When I first heard about the idea even I thought to myself they must be joking! It's just gone one step too far. In reality though, it's totally different. One of the sad things about strategy games is having an innumerable horde of men, tanks or whatever. You simply can't feel connected to them! I have no problem throwing wave after wave of men at defences they can't hope to overcome. I just don't care! Because I can soon build more now that I have a strong economy back at my base. Dawn of war 2 totally changes all of that! Losing 1 or 2 guys can totally change your strategy and losing a squad will be a total nightmare! This game encourages you to look after your guys and make sure they all survive you really feel connected to each squad and after a couple missions you feel connected with them in a truly special bond that I haven't had playing any other strategy.
    You have to remember that these aren't just soldiers they're space marines. Genetically enhanced super soldiers whose abilities are enhanced even further with power armour. It's like crossing the hulk with iron man. Every single space marine that dies is a massive sacrifice for humanity and dawn of war 2 really tries to stress that.
    To me dawn of war 2 is an incredibly brave strategy just like its predecessor. By removing bases and keeping a very low number on the commanding soldiers that you can control I think it may alienate some people who are so engrossed in the strategy game genre that they can't bear to try anything new or original. Personally I think that for the dawn of war series it was totally the right thing to do. It won't work for every strategy game and nor should it. However a think Dawn of war 2 totally hit the nail on the head for what they wanted to bring to the table.
    If you want to create a base a strong economy then build as many tanks as possible before you attempt to destroy your enemy then this isn't the game for you. However if you want to try something new and have had more fun playing with a small group of units behind enemy lines like some of the commando missions of the big strategy games in the past then I think you will really enjoy it.

  2.  Classic!


    I love this shirt, i love it more because it's sutble. Most games shirts i really can't get away with as i think they're so garish and flashy.
    Whenever i wear it most people just thing it's some cool graphic design but I always get gamers coming up to me saying how cool it is and where i got it from.
    The material is really good quality and having washed it a few times it hasn't faded at all. There is a reason why this is the number 1 t-shirt!

  3.  The best kids film ever, period


    For anyone who hasn't seen this film yet, i'm jealous. I wish i could see this film for the first time again. IT'S THAT GOOD!

  4.  Legend


    I've had mine for about 2 and a half years now and am only getting a new one because i'm getting a new pc, I'm still getting another razer! These mouses are stuff of legend. I've got friends that have gone out a bought these the same day as playing on my computer because they can't go back to playing first person shooters on their slow mouses. For mice, they are expensive but it's possibly been the best money i've ever spent!

  5.  The greatest story ever told


    I've never been one for reading. The only reason i picked up this book in the first place was because i loved the back story to Warhammer 40k so much. From reading this book almost none stop and getting to the end in less than a week.
    I truely belive that the Horus heresy is the greatest story put to paper! i'm already on the the 3rd book and have the other 4 on my desk!

  6.  What a suprise!


    I ended up playing the demo of this on a total whim, i'm SO glad that i did. This game is awesome. A brilliant cross between masters of orion and homeworld. A really nice mix of RTS and large scale building on a galatic scale. You can tell this game was made on a shoe string but also made with a lot of heart. It doesn't look breath taking but it's still a joy to look at. Where it really holds its own is in the gameplay. Absolute pleasure to play and a real diamond in the rough!

  7.  So bad........


    This game is so bad, i'm actually bitter about the £2 i spent on it. It is, wihtout a doubt. The worst RTS i have ever played on in my life.

  8.  One of the best, if not the best


    This is the final expansion in the dawn of war series as dawn of war 2 is currently being developed. Dawn of war in my opinion has been the best series of strategy games i've ever played. The balancing of armies is as close to perfect as you can achive while also staying as true to the warhammer 40k lore as possible. The latest and last in the series also introduces 2 new armies. Sisters of battle and dark eldar. Sisters of battle sitting somewhere between space marines and imperial guard and dark eldar being the chaos version of eldar. The demo allows to to play dark eldar only and from playing it first hand i found it almost incredible that the developers where able to come up with something fresh and new while also keeping the new army relevant and non over powered. The only problem i have with the new content is that myself and i know a lot of the community would have loved to seen tyranids being introduced to the dawn of war universe. Hopefully the community will get it's prayers answered with the launch of dawn of war 2
    Anyone who has not played the series i can't recommend a game any more highly. Also Soulstorm is a stand alone product so you dont require the original to play.

  9.  Worst WW2 shooter probably ever


    I've seen cheese sandwiches put together with more care than the developers took with this game. Save your money!