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    This is by far the best game i have ever played.
    For starts, the connection that I got with John Marston iv never had with a character before, I felt like i knew this guy, his voice acting is superb. Iv never played a game that made me feel so connected to a character. The story is also the best story iv ever played in a game, its more like a movie. Someone summed this game up perfectly by saying "Its not a game, Its an experience".
    Its truely a work of art by Rockstar and I would reccomend it to anyone, The soundtrack along with everything else is also perfect!
    10 out of 10!
    No review could ever describe the pure beauty of this game.

  2.  Dissapointing


    Im a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series but i have to say this is the worst one in my opinion. One massive thing that it lacked was being able to wonder Croft Manor like on the other games.
    And it just wasnt much fun to play.. it actually became abit annoying and didnt make much sense to me. I hate saying it but this game was really dissapointing :(
    4 out of 10

  3.  GREAT!


    I loved this game! I thought it was really fun to play, it also had a great story, really likable characters and gorgeous scenery.
    I would recommend it without a doubt, its also great for fans of Lara Croft games like myself, i actually found it alot more fun that the more modern Tomb Raider games :)
    10 out of 10!

  4.  Good fun!


    I loved creating my own levels, it was realy good fun! But i found the story mode quite difficult at the end (which is embarresing to say) but it just got really annoying! I would deffinatly recommend this though, its a really good fun game and not to serious at all :)
    8 out of 10

  5.  A great game..


    but it has a few faults.

    The bad things about this game are that i loved it up untill i found out who the origami killer was.. then i was really dissapointed. One of the other faults is its quite sly with hiding who the killer is.. It cuts scenes and then shows you them at the end so you have no real chance of guessing who the killer is... its pretty annoying.
    Other than that i really enjoyed this game and it does keep you intrested throughout, it also has great characters and it looks great, the only thing that really let it down for me was the killers identity.
    7 out of 10



    This movie is an amazing thriller, its not so much a horror film, but the great thing about this movie is the twists in the story, its very well writen and worked out great for saying it had such a low budget. I absoloutly love this movie and would suggest it to anyone :)

  7.  AMAZING!


    This is my favourite film of all time, it has an amazing story and it can make you feel so many different emotions.. its funny, sad and everything inbetween. I seriously suggest buying the directors cut, its worth it :)