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    Its great to finally have this show released on dvd, Hope that the other 3 series of this show also make their way to dvd.
    A fitting tribute to the late Anton Rodgers.

  2.  Perfect Presentation Of A Movie Classic.


    The Best Presentation Ever of this Disney Classic, Unlike the previous review, This Movie as with all movies made before 1955, when the wide screen process was introduced, so any movie made before 1955 was filmed in the standard ration full screen, as this movie was as it was made in 1941.
    Any standard full screen ratio filmed movie, will always have balck bars either side of the presentation when the movie is transfered to bluray, this presents the movie in its original format and also allows the movie to be presented in the best possible presentation.
    It is better to have a movie presented like this than to have it cropped for widscreen televisions, were information can be lost at the top and bottom of the screen.
    Disney have introduced a great idea with all their classic movie bluray presentations, called Disney vie, which allows the movie to be shown with added on artwork at either sides of the movie, wich can add to films presentation.
    So either way, this is the best presentation ever of theis classic movie wich now looks and sounds its best ever. Looking at the movie on this bluray, its hard to believe the movie is almost 70 years old.
    10 out of 10 to Disney for preserving and presenting their movie classics in the best possible presentations, long may it continue.

  3.  Special edition, Not so Special.


    For this to be a so called Special Edition release of this great movie, unfortunatly it is not.
    This edition has the movie cut down to the running time of 112mins, were as the previous edition of this movie runs for 134mins.
    If anyone is thinking about buying this great movie, release try and track down the previous dvd release, as there is nothing special here, the movie is cut and there is less extras on this new dvd and more on the old previous edition,