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  1.  So it may be the best rugby union game on xbox 360...


    But boy should the producers be ashamed. There is so much wrong with this game, however,

    short version
    there is little flow to the game, extremely frustrating, and a poor details (game and graphics).

    longer version
    what you can do, in terms of competitions, tournaments, creating players, is all great. But actually playing the game is terrible.
    For one thing, there is no dive button for the try line, so you find yourself ambling over the line repeatedly tapping the score button, only sometimes for the tacklers to grab onto and eventually push you out.
    The defence is terrible, they don't line up properly in defence (playing as one of the top teams here, so not because of a weak team), so you have massive gaps in the middle as they mark the winger but not the centres.
    There was one instance where one of the opposing players ran into touch with the ball and a little banner came up to say lineout signalled, then the player passed the ball back into play to his own player, and play continued.
    Kicking for goal is incredibly difficult, totally pot luck as to whether you get it on target or not (regardless if it is in front of the posts or not).
    The offload aspect is good in principle, but the opposing teams have spells where there are so many offload in tackles, its like watching a rugby league game on times 32 fast forward, ridiculous.
    The loading time between bits is stupid. I dont mean loading the game, or waiting for the game to start. I mean, actually IN THE game, whenever there is a break for lineout, try, kick, scrum etc, there is a load screen, a short interval of one of a player doing something, probably just taking an over-emphatic drink from a water bottle 2 minutes into the game after kicking for touch, and then about 10/15 seconds later, you're back into it.
    When youre doing kicking, its difficult to add any further (or less distance) on it. So you are limited (plus there doesn't appear to be much difference in the game between a fly half kicking or prop).
    At breakdowns, its not as if the scrum half will wait at the back, oh no, theyll go into the ruck (INSTEAD of the forward stood next to him), leaving the prop to pass it out to the backs.
    Theres no control over the backs, in terms of getting the fly half to drop in for a drop kick effort, or get runners to cut inside, or even get a decent backline sorted- theyre pretty much flat, so as soon as they get the ball, they're either being tackled or you have to pass before its even got to him.
    When there hasnt been a break in play for a bit, your players just stop at the breakdown, in the opponents half, so offside, taking them out of the game, giving the other team either advantage or you just keep tapping for another player who was onside.
    The commentary. I have played 6/7 games, and at the start of half of them, they have given me the stat that the first game of rugby union was played between England and Scotland in 1871. I mean, at least I know that now. But I was playing as Leicester, not England or Scotland.
    I can get past the idea that all the players look like theyve been modelled on figures from a book on Neanderthals, I dont care that the international teams don't have proper licensing (the clubs teams do however), but at least make the game play decent.
    It is such a shame that still to this date, the best rugby game is Jonah Lomu Rugby which came out in 1997. Seriously guys, just take everything you had for that game, update the graphics, create a few more players, and put the premiership format in there and youre onto a winner.
    On the back of the game, it states 12 years in the making, what I can only guess they have been doing in those 12 years, I cant write down in this review.

  2.  Very good- and i don't even like formula 1!


    I bought this game when in a sale, and after i did the first practice and qualifying round, i put it up for sale. It was far too difficult for me, i qualified last and found it difficult to judge the corner and controls. I decided to give it one more shot and race in the actual race and changed the difficulty setting to easy rather than medium. It was brilliant. I just got into the points- so didn't win- easy didn't mean too easy. I went on from this to the next round, managed to qualify in 8th and finish the race in 6th and really really enjoyed it. The graphs are really good and there is an option to play the game in much more detail if you wish- i don't, i just want to race but need a helping hand but i think in a few seasons time i could notch up the difficulty, increase the percentage of laps (you can even do the full 100%- 78 laps in some cases if you wish!), discuss tyre strategy with the tyre man and organise my game plan with the engineer to decide what is the optimum time to pit etc. I really would recommend this game if you get the opportunity. There's a level for every type of racing gamer!