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  1.  Amazing


    I don't like to run on about a film!
    I saw the first Star Trek and it was ok but didn't knock me sideways as I thought it might!
    But this!!!!!!
    They hit the spot!
    I won't run on about the story because that spoils it for you!
    Just the best trek film going so go and get it on blue ray as the sound and filming is as good as it gets!!!!!!

  2.  Just hasnt grabbed me!


    This is ok game as it has some good angles about it with are you going to be good or bad in it! but making your way through the levels gets a bit the same after a couple of levels ! getting new wepons is good ! worth a buy think you will love it or just like it as i do!

  3.  Great movie for everyone!!


    This film is a great feel good movie! well worth a look as it has a good buzz about it! I really didnt exspect it to be so good an every one i know who has seen it loved it.! i hate going into detail about the move as i dont like to spoil it! and it says enough on the back of it! Just buy it !

  4.  BEST 3D YET!!!!


    Simply the best marvel film yet!
    Just as i was starting to give up on 3D this bad boy has more than made up for it!!!
    This is by far the best action film of the year for me with some good laughs too!

  5.  Let down


    Thought this film was going to be a real hit!
    It has got good effects and it twists up the snow white story ,
    But it just had something missing and the ending didnt really grab me as i thought it might after a predictable run up!Worth a hire not a buy!

  6.  rubbish


    Sorry to say this is not as good as i thought!
    If you must see it get it on dvd!

  7.  great 5.1 sound


    Great action! Really good surround sound !story runs nicely !Great filming and affects! Not to brainstorming but a good underworld movie! a must buy on blue ray! if only for the sound in this film! 3d not up to that much like many films! but it comes on the same disc as an option!

  8.  the best online war game going!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow! just what ive been waiting for ! Best COD yet!
    Great wepons with loads of add ons as you go along,rather than having to rank up high first!
    Bigger maps which i think is great,as you do normally get use to maps so soon!
    I love on line play and this will keep me hooked for a long time!
    No more ww2 for me !! 10 out of 10 !
    Now thats a first!

  9.  best action game yet


    Apart from call of duty ,this is the best game ive played!
    The detail is great .
    its creepy in places,and the jokers remarks all the way through are great.
    Im even going to keep this one now ive played it!!