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  1.  Has nothing to do with OFP.


    I'm writing this in response to the previous review, which seems to be extremely biased and simply untrue.

    Unfortunately, OFP:DR turns out to deliver a very shallow and unrealistic experience.

    First of all, it's not a SIM at all, not even close. It's even less realistic than CoD4! I won't even compare it to OFP1 or Arma1/2.

    In OFP:DR, I found myself charging the enemy positions (bunkers!) head on (on hardcore difficulty!), without any thought or tactics - and it worked! Player can take several hits before having to bandage. Guns feel pretty much like airsoft - there's barely any recoil. Also, you can run and still be able to shot very accurately. I wonder what this 'sim' is actually simulating ....

    Graphics are quite ugly (on highest possible settings and resolution!), draw distance is tiny. Meaning that from above 300m or so, you will see a lot of low-res, low-poly boxes(!) moving across the landscape.

    If you like realistic war sims, there are much better out there. In fact, I can't think of one that is less realistic than OFP:DR. 50% price drop just a few days after release speaks volumes about it.

    Oh, there's just peer 2 peer multiplayer available. So, forget about having any large scale battles.