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  1.  Starts off great.....


    This game is great fun to start off with but becomes frustrating very quickly! The graphics are excellent and the course design is superb. Racing against friends is also great fun. The main festival mode starts off very well with nice races and good battles between yourself and the CPU racers, however, in the latter part of the festival, the races are virtually impossible to win. The games designers have seen fit to use a technique called "rubber-banding" whereby if you pull too far ahead of the CPU racers, they are given a speed boost to catch you up and purposely prevent you from winning the races!!! You will be tearing your hair out in frustration when playing the latter parts of the festival mode. Do not buy this game hoping for a decent chance of a platinum trophy as you will regret it, and the ranked players online are seriously good and very hard to beat, but for sheer brutal racing fun against friends it is a great buy!

  2.  Very frustrating game!


    First off... if you are expecting an experience similar to Modern Warfare, Forget it! Look elsewhere!

    This game is very different than it's counterparts due to the fact that it strives for realism and tactical combat. However while this may be the games biggest draw... it's also it's biggest flaw.
    The games attempts at realism sometimes backfire. While running from cover to cover, then siitting tight, afraid to poke your head up in case a round takes your head off may be more realistic than most shooters, it doesn't offer much entertainment value! The enemy are very good shots and you will spend a lot of time relying on your fire team removing enemy threats rather than taking care of them yourself (especially on Hardcore difficulty). Again, this removes part of the entertainment element.
    The command system is also flawed, too often your orders will be ignored or your team will walk straight into the middle of a firefight and you will be left picking a command and hoping for the best!

    On Hardcore mode, the game removes virtually all onscreen info. That means... No crosshair, no ammo counter, no waypoints, no checkpoints and no threat indicator. Also if you die in mission, no matter how far through you are, you have to start over from scratch, right back at the begining!!!

    The game claims to give you an open world to explore and complete your objectives, however most have some sort of a time limit, or units that must survive to succeed, so stray too far from your objectives and it's mission over!!! Bit of a con really!!

    The graphics are ok and serve their purpose and the sound is very effective, so it scores pretty well in that regard

    If you are after a more realistic simulation of warfare, where you are punished for even the smallest error, you might just gleen something from this game.

    For the rest of us, it's just too frustrating to provide much entertainment value.

  3.  Poorly designed....


    This must rank as one of the most poorly designed games of all time!
    As others have mentioned, every time you die, you virtually have to restart the level. The level select featue disables access to trophies and in-game challenge progress. Some of the radio-active areas are also hard to spot until it's too late! Some of the collectibles are very hard to get, if you die trying you then have to restart from the last checkpoint which may be some distance back, but if you miss any collectible in the game and reach the next save point you cannot go back and must restart the entire game!!!!
    This poor design reminds me of old 80's game design, not what we expect of 21st century gaming!!

  4.  Lazy Effort!


    The best way to describe Fifa10 is Lazy!

    The game is basically Fifa09 with some added bells and whistles. The graphics are pretty much the same, The commentary (with a few added phrases) is pretty much the same and most of the game modes are pretty much the same!!
    As described by other reviewers, the AI teams tackle you with ease, leaving you on the floor most of the time, but they are very tricky to disposess! Overall, basically just a re-hash of Fifa09 with updated stats.

    Best footie game on PS3? maybe... just...
    GOOD Football game.... definately not.