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  1.  Best Warriors game ever


    With all characters from Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and Samurai Warriors 3 Z, not released in the west, and a host of other characters, this game has 120 plus playable characters in it.

    Those who had similar movesets, like Liu Shan and other rapier users Sima Shi and Yuan Shao, now have slight variations made to the moveset to make the more unique.

    There is one story, which has many stages to it. Most characters have there own shining moment within the story, be it in the main story or the several side stories which are going on. You also travel back in time to change the past, sometimes even unlocking "Redux" versions of previously completed levels.

    This game takes the best parts from DW7XL and SW3Z. The visual style from DW7XL, and a third bar, the Spirit Gauge from SW3Z modified to a normal bar, which allows Triple Team Attack.

    Recommend for all fans of the series, you will seriously love this game!

  2.  Addictive


    This game is very, very addictive. With the constant flicking back and forth between dining room and kitchen, there is never a moments rest.

    First, the dining room. Your job there is to greet people at the entrance, take there orders, serve them, and then clear the dishes away afterwards. Keep the customers waiting at any of these junctions will make Gordon Ramsay irritated, and will decrease your rating.

    The kitchen is always busy. Three different parts to the kicthen, preparing the food, cooking the orders, and then sending them to the hot plate. Like in the TV show, all food must be sent out at the same time, fail that, and Chef Ramsay will make you start the whole order again.

    You really get to experiance all parts of a dinner service, slowley builing up all you need to do from just starters with two basic ingredients, to using the whole kitchen, saucepans, cookers, 6 different ingredients, reciped which require more than one ingredient, and all with different cooking times.

    While this is happening, you need to ensure customers are not kept waiting by accuratly timing when to take orders and when to leave customers waiting a while. Also, each different type of customer has different behaviours, for example, retired people have more patience than society gals, who get bored quickly but are kept busy for longer.

    All in all, a suprisingly good game. On the PC or Wii I think it would be better, and look more aetshetically pleasing, but is still a good DS game, and one I would recommend.