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  1.  An essential buy for all music lovers


    Absolutely fabulous - tunes and voice utterly class. Chilled out psych-folk, an album that will get played to death. Buy it now you wont be sorry.

  2.  Excellent


    Still a great looking movie after all these years, Forgot how good it was and some nice bonus content,

  3.  Pretty much the same as ...


    the first one as the previous review says lacks mini games - it does look sharper than the previous game with a better soundtrack. The collect as many coins as you can so you can be on a wordwide leader board gets boring quickly and you just want to complete the level. There are going to be some download content that you can buy for the game but again you have to BUY it and it is not free - as of yet there is nothing to be purchesed. If you had never played the previous edition for the DS you will enjoy - if you did play it you will ironically feel short changed even though the object of the game is to collect as many gold coins as possible. Still worth a place in your collection to keep you entertained until Luigis Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 2 are released later this year.

  4.  Classic - classic Who


    Excellent story that completes the 7th Doctors DVD release. Not to give to much away its a nice mysterious story about the Greatest Show In The Galaxy where the audience become the entertainment - enter the Doctor and Ace with the other visitors to the eeiry big top. The main baddie is excellent showing an underlining menace that adds a punch to the story as it has an off centred feel to the story makes a simple story feel like a twilight zone story. There are spooky clown sequences - character transformations that reminded me of the transformations in Dario Agento's The Demons (honestly though obviously not as graphic it had the same visual style). The extra documentary is informative with the Head Clown giving his recounts of filming the episode which is entertaining. Its a must have Doctor Who story that will give any younger viewers a nice chill and the adults a warm memory of Who when it was able to grab the viewer for longer than 45minutes. Roll up, roll up for a great story and thrills and chills it really is the Greatest Show In The Galaxy ;OP

  5.  Excellent indie rock


    Combines classic indie rock with intelligent lyrics with a sprinkling of humour in. Deffo a bbq summer album fingers crossed the second album will be as good.

  6.  Enjoy it while it last as its another example of overhype.


    The saviour of Indie music - this album is not but rather catchy collection of Kiaser Chiefesque tunes it is. Whilst never bettering the current single - Never Fade Away the album is a mediocre example of a band that has its compentencies but never really uses them to there best usage. Vocally it sounds similar to Terry Hall. Would by if you wanted something relaxing to listen to with all the usual Killeresque guitar riffs. The album may be a grower but on two listening to you kind of enjoy it whilst it lasts then its pretty much forgettable.

  7.  Hip Hop at its best.


    Great tracks inspired by a great film - gritty and well written with a wealth of guest talent - John Cooper Clarke, Kano, Takura and Labrinth. The original film score is worth a listen to as well - can not wait to buy the film that is an instant modern day classic. Certainly beats the dross released from artists recently.

  8.  Brilliant 90's actioner!


    Arnie in one of the last great movies he made in the decade. It has it all the guns the girls and lots of action. The SFX still stand up today reasonably well with great model shots instead of the too perfect as to distract look of CGI that just looks false. Its a good action movie with a nice script that doesnt try to be to clever as to scare away its core audience -Arnie and Sharon Stone fans. Yes there is blood yes there is nudity but remember this was when 18's weren't afraid to deliver everything an adult should be able to witness without the studio systems and censors trying to reduce something down to a 12A certificate just to create more box office takings. Paul Verhoeven an underated director (Basic Instinct is great even without the Sharon Stone infamous scene - Starship Troopers a fun swipe at war movies). If you like nostalgia and fun - slightly cheesey movies that arent to concerned with taking themselves seriously this is a great movie to pick up before the remake ruins it - the remake has taken all the good parts and made uber serious - looks like what Fright Night did to the original classic movie - trampled over its classic status. Also nice extras - a restoration comparison and a documentary about the making of the last Hollywood none CGI production.

  9.  A movie that acts as a love letter to yesteryears movies


    Beautifully filmed, beautifully acted, beautiful score. Telling a simple but effective story about a silent movie star and his descent into obscurity at the arrival of the talkies. This film without the use of dialogue captures the emotion and attention of the viewer. If you appreciate movies of yesteryear this movie is a must - if you are Die Hard 17 or a Twilight fan I would give this a miss. Excellent movie that ouzes class for film lovers to appreciate.

  10.  Great platformer - worthy of the great plumber himself


    Play Mickey going to different worlds within a run down theme park to collect items and unlock lots of bonus content. Hours and hours of fun with this great looking and sounding its a real love letter to Disney that play brilliantly. The camera angles sometimes does cause problems with the platforming but this is very infrequent. Its an excellent story and a must have especially if you are going to buy Epic Mickey 2 - for the price tag of under ten pounds this is an essential buy.