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Product Reviews

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  1.  Unbeliveable Storyline


    I have recently played this game and was shocked at how amazing the storyline was, It really connects you to the characters.
    There are so many different outcomes to who you should help or not help along the way.
    I would go as far as to say one of the best Arcade games ever made.
    Buy it and find out for yourself how amazing this game really is!!

  2.  Great Product


    I originally purchased a 5 Pound capo from Digiflex and wanted another one.
    I decided to go for this one and i actually prefer it.

    Brilliant product. really is a great Capo for what it cost.

  3.  Epic


    This really is a great series.
    Series 1 was fantastic and i couldnt believe the early twist in this series.
    It really gets you glued and the new characters are brilliant.

    All round great series 5*

  4.  Enjoyable


    I enjoyed this series but thought it was very slow starting.
    After disc 1 it really starts to liven up.
    All the way through i did not know what way it would go.

    Great ending to series 1 aswell.

  5.  Glued to the screen


    Another fantastic series.
    Showing that things dont always go how they are planned.
    It also digs into the lifes of Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge.
    Bringing previous personal issues into there every day jobs.
    I Really enjoyed this series and would say it is as good as project dawn if not better.
    Also Good to hear season 4 will be arriving on our screens soon aswell.
    5* rating

  6.  Good product, Good Price


    For what this product cost.
    It really is a good Capo.
    No need to buy an expensive one as this one will do the exact same job.

  7.  Great Game


    I really wasnt sure what i was going to think of this game when i bought it.
    But i really was impressed.
    The campaign is fantastic. I completed it in multiplayer and then went back and did it again on my own in veteran mode.
    The graphics are amazing and so is the storyline.

    The Online however is pretty poor. I really did not like it.
    The storyline makes this game

    Now it has dropped in price i would recommend it to anyone.

    MUST PLAY GAME!!! 5/5

  8.  Best Arcade Racing Game


    This game is by far the best Arcade racing game there has been.
    The circuits are well varied from tight city to open race tracks.
    The AI are actually not that bad compared to other games.
    The Bikes add extra fun into the game even though they are tuff to race.
    The drifting factor about the game is great
    The online game modes are probably the best on any racing game i know.
    The graphics are fantastic.
    Really well thought out game with some great cars.
    All cars handle differently some suit different tracks.
    This game "apart from forza" is one of the best racing games.
    And as you can pick it up for around 5pounds now you really cannot go wrong.
    Hours of fun to be played over and over again.
    Weather conditions even make a difference.

    Quite simply if you dont have this game... GET IT!!!

  9.  Good Headset


    This is a good value for money headset.
    Sound quality maybe is not as good as i would have liked but for the price it does the job.

  10.  Halo 4


    Since buying this game i have spent numerous hours playing all different game modes online and offline.

    First of all the campaign is fantastic, I loved the fact it felt like halo again. Great graphics guns and layout of the game.
    It was also relatively long so many hours of fun to be had.
    The storyline is the best i have played with many twists and turns.

    Multiplayer however i really was not happy with.
    I found the maps boring apart from one or two and compared to Halo 3 i found multiplayer was not as good and as thought out.

    Overall this is a game worth getting especially if more maps are brought out for multiplayer. The storyline is worth the buy on its own.