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  1.  Very cheap and it works fine


    Works fine on the Nokia C3-01. Prompt delivery from Impact Computers Ltd. A lot cheaper than getting the 'proper' Nokia cable.

  2.  Pretty good once upgraded to 2GB RAM


    Summary - Make sure you replace the 1GB RAM with a 2GB unit. Touchscreen is a worth while addition. 7+ hours battery life easily achievable. Feels pretty well made. It's only a netbook, but it is actually pretty decent. I would recomend to a friend. Plays mpg ok and multitasks ok - as long as you upgrade to 2GB.

    Detail - I've had this netbook for 2 weeks now. I chose it because it seemed to be higher spec than other netbooks (most netbooks are almost all identical but this has touchscreen and HDD accelerometer), but for the same money, and it came with MS Works, so I can edit simple spreadsheets and text documents without paying 90GBP for Office (a trial of Office is included also). It is a second unit as I have a fast 15 inch laptop aready.

    Setup was easy - you just fit the battery, plug in the mains, turn it on and follow the prompts. It comes with no disks - it relies on a backup on the hard drive, but you can back this up to an extrernal drive also. It also comes with a simple netbook sleeve, so don't order one until you've seen it.

    The touch screen is worth having, and I am surprised how well it works. This is no ipad, but I do find myself using it as it is often easier to press a web page button than it is to use the glide pad to find the mouse pointer and then navigate to the button then press it. My daughter uses it to pause videos. It is also fairly useful when using the included latest version of MS Paint which is much better than the pre-2007 one. The screen is less clear due to the touch screen, but it is not a problem, and I'd rather have the touch screen. It doesn't work well right at the edges, but that's not practically a problem - you can always shrink the window slightly. The touchscreen works well with scroll bars - better than the glide pad.

    Battery seems to last at least 6 hours, depending on what you are doing.

    The machine is a little too clunky and slow with 1GB of memory, but upgrading to 2GB massively increases speed. I used Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G from Play.com. It is easy to upgrade (1 screw on the bottom of the machine - instructions are included in the manual that is accessible from the start menu in Windows. The 2GB upgrade is a must. The machine easily plays mpg files at full screen (mpeg 2 in standard def). You can surf without issues, and have several tabs open at once and not have a problem.

    Note that WMP doesn't play mpg files unless you install an mpeg2 codec. I used the free "DScaler5" codec, and this works fine.

  3.  Massively speeds up a 1GB Samsung NB30 netbook


    This transformed my 1GB Samsung NB30 netbook. I imagine it does the same for all of the other Intel Atom netbooks. Well worth the 35GBP.

  4.  A Must Buy - Multiplayer is awesome


    A couple of the tracks are dull, and the range of vehicles is a bit odd and pointless, and I'm not into the drifting at all, but this game is just awesome.

    I'm not into Mario and Co or cartoon graphics games, but the graphics are really good, the gameplay is superb and the track variety is very good.

    Multiplayer mode takes this game into a different league. Playing against strangers internationally is very good, but playing against friends is superb fun.

    If you have a DS, then you simply have to get this. We ended up getting a second copy so we could play all tracks in multiplayer mode.

  5.  It was great on the PC but really poor on the DS


    I used to enjoy this on the PC. I spent 3 hours on the DS version over 3 'sittings' and then I traded it in.

    It was a struggle from the start, I never got into it, and I actually had to read the manual to get anything done! It is just plain tedious. The advisors are useless and get in the way of doing stuff. The screen is too small for this game. There are so many icons around the side, and they are so small you really have to learn what they all do. You just cannot get into this game. The summary screens are completely nonintuitive. The stylus control is too fiddly for placing roads etc. It simply does not work on the DS. What a shame. This is the only game I have ever traded in!

    Don't get it at any price. It will just be a waste of your time.

  6.  Refreshingly different, relaxing, clever, alive, quirky


    There is some clever stuff in this atmospheric 'game'. It is more of a past time than a game. I just mess around with it every so often. It can be good to chill with, and it is great when you hook it up to a decent stereo too.

    Basically, there are 10 instruments that you can play that make different sounds. These are all different types of animated marine lifeforms. You can play one type at a time only, and usually different ones of each type make similar sounds. However, the way you interact with each type is different, and this allows you to make some reasonably complex sound patterns. A couple of the types are really a bit naff, but a couple of them are really quite cool. The one where you bounce fish off the leaves of a plant is my favourite. You can vary the angle of leaves and the initial trajectory of the fish, and the rate at which the are thrown. Since the tone of the fish hitting the leaf varies with how often the leaf is struck and where on the leaf is struck and how big the leaf is, you can make some really interesting sound patterns and tweak them easily. The animations are pretty well modeled, and the whole commotion is quite artistic. This game is really cool and different.

    The shame is that you cannot store your compositions or share them wirelessly.

    There are 2 modes of play - you either make all of the noise, or it does it and you join in as little or as much as you like.

    This is somehow a special game to me. I love the presentation, the character, the physics, the sounds, the whole concept. Checkout the youtube videos if you're not quite sure. I think it is great. It is just so different, and so well suited to the DS.

  7.  Plenty of challenging puzzles, but very dull presentation.


    You'll need to be really into puzzle games to get anything out of this one, and beware that everything is in black and white so it is very unrewarding to look at.

    Basically, you use the stylus to flip tiles (black on one side, white on the other). The only decent mode is the puzzle mode where you are presented with a grid of tiles, and you have to draw a line with the stylus that flips all of the selected tiles in one go. This single flip of the selected tiles must result in each row having tiles of the same colour once flipped. The first few puzzles are easy and they quickly become decently challenging. There are plenty of puzzles, and you'll come back every so often to do a few more. This is quite good, it is just a bit tedious because everything is black and white. There is no variety at all, and this bugs you each time you use it.

    There is a Tetris style mode where you draw lines across tiles to flip them, and each time a row of tiles match, the row disappears. New rows are dropped on you, and you lose when the screen fills. Sadly, there is nothing rewarding in this in single player mode, and this is only made worse by the monochrome display.

    The stylus control is good and this game suits the DS well in this respect. Navigating the menus is a bit harder than it should be, and the music is fairly insipid.

    If you are not a hardcore puzzler, then don't get it. I am into puzzles, and I am glad I only paid £8 for it. I've never got addicted to it, but I do pick it up now and again and complete a few more puzzles. definately one of the weakest games I have, but the PlayTrade price makes it worth a look for a keen puzzle fan.

  8.  Good fun - I just wish it had more levels.


    This is a good puzzle game, and really suits the DS. The graphics are bright, pleasing and well animated. The game controls are really simple (3 buttons or 3 directions on the D pad), but the thought required to solve some of them will be a challenge to most people. I really enjoyed playing it and I still pick it up for a fiddle now.

    It is strangely addictive because it is so simple to control, but not so simple to solve. The stylus isn't used at all (even in the menus) but that's not an issue on the DS. It would be slower to operate using the stylus anyway.

    There is a free flash demo on the web - if you are curious then do try this first as it identical to the DS version. It's a great little puzzler - easy to pick up and play anytime because the puzzles don't last very long. My only issue with it is that there are only 30 puzzles when I would expect 100 or more. There are 3 game modes and they all use the same 30 puzzles. You will complete all of the puzzles pretty quickly, then find yourself redoing them to minimise your time score. Then you'll periodically come back for a fiddle to do the more complex puzzles again.

    This is a small game and probably not worth more than £10 or £12 only because there are only 30 puzzles, but these 30 puzzles are very good. Also, I would only have it on a DS or PSP, not a TV console. This game is only £8 new at PlayTrade, and it is well worth this price. Try the demo first.

  9.  Funniest I've seen since Anchorman


    This film is massively under rated. I never laugh out loud and I did it 3 times in this film. There is the annoying but realistic little brother, the embarrassing Mom, the excheerleaders tactless dad and of course his current psycho girlfriend. The slapstick is not overdone and generally pops up when you are not expecting it so it adds to the film for once. The female lead is fantastic, and the story grows nicely throughout. Late on you end up really hoping they get it together. I really enjoyed it despite expecting it to be weak. A great film to watch with your partner or friends or just by yourself.

  10.  Totally Addictive


    This game makes perfect use of the stylus. You grab a gem (a ball) and flick it in the direction you want it to go. If it hits 2 or more gems of the same colour then they dissappear - but there is much more to the gameplay than this.

    It is a superbly balanced combination of strategy, hand-eye coordination and pattern recognition. The in-game graphics and animation are very good, the sound is pretty cool and also very useful at alerting you to when you are close to failing a level - it adds a bit of excitement and pressure too.
    The variety of gameplay is good. There are modes where you play against the clock and modes where you sit and think how to solve a puzzle.
    There is much more to this game than I expected, and I really enjoy it. The rumble pack seems a bit pointless at first, but actually it adds a tactile feel to the balls - you miss it when you change back to MarioKart for example.

    If you like Tetris or Popils(sega GG) then you'll love this. This is a must buy DS game. The most addictive DS game I have.