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  1.  Awesome!


    I had mixed feelings over the ideas of 2009 but after playing the demo I am utterly loving the franchise again! 2008 was awful and all of the nasty qwirks gameplay wise seem to have been fixed, as said by other reviewers I hope the awful online play is sorted. Fifa 09 seems to be quite good but i gave up on Fifa in 2001 and still it has animation issues and sudden jerky movements. I have played both demos and this is hot for playability, it doesnt however have the season updates for the teams as it does for Fifa 09 on xbox live which greatly enhances the want for a game which is upto date and can be updated without having to do it manually! I hope the comentating is good with this also, as so far its righted its wrongs! And yes I agree in order to play the game well you have to learn how to play it properly!

  2.  Del Toro does it again!


    Im not sure if the last reviewer was in the same film as the rest of us??? The film was an amazing sequel to the last Hellboy film which is an all time favourite. This series of films just gets better and better and the story and action in the film was fantastic. The Goss appearence was a highlight and some very good acting as well from him! Del Toro does it again, I cant wait to see how the Hobbit turns out.

  3.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!


    Ive read a few other reviews and I have to say some people are far too picky! This is an amazing game, the graphics are breathtaking and the story is absolutely immersive. When I heard of this game over a year ago I did the same as most and pre-ordered when I could. When it arrived I was like a child at Christmas! I was submerged into a gritty story set in the future and in the crusades. The Action and sword fighting is captivating and fluid and the movement takes a bit of time to get used to but after mastering it, it feels like second nature. The only thing that lets the game down is when the memories are fast forwarded etc It would of been far far better to let the player just roam and do the missions and let it go from day to night as in Oblivion, the witcher etc.
    Apart from that it is a must have! go get it and you wont be disappointed!

  4.  Utterly Amazing


    All I can say is wow! I played this on BETA on the 360 and I was amazed at the graphics and the sheer realism involved. So fast paced and lifelike you get drawn into the game. The story switching from US to SAS is awesome as well. The touches of cinematic display of Soldiers blowing doors open and the way they deal with situations is amazing. All fluid movement and animation is astounding. Be gripped by this as its the best War FPS there is, no more Medal of Honour!

  5.  The Best


    By far. I traded my premium one in for one of these and its the best buy Ive made. The look, the 120GB of space the HDMI port makes it worth it. I have a PS3 also but xbox beats it hands down. Long live xbox!

  6.  awesome


    well i missed a lot of the episodes from this season so Im getting this as a full catch up. What Ive seen upto episode 9 was fantastic. I am totally gripped by lost and I cant wait to see this in its entirity. One of the few TV series Ive ever bothered with simply because it holds its own and is something very unique and compelling. The story of Jack, Kate, Hurley etc in some respects we can relate to.

    Definately going to lock myself away and watch this!

  7.  This is not awful


    After reading others reviews on this Im a bit dissapointed that they expected something that was veering on world domination? I never really got massively into Halo until I played this, I was captivated by the look and feel and the general attention to detail with the game. I love the story of the game and well the master chief is a legend. Whats not to love about this game? It plays fantastic, the multiplayer on it is fantastic and well is a must for the 360. Bungee do it again and again.

  8.  Its Back


    Well after owning ISS 5 and 6 I have to say I do really like this new edition. My hardcore ISS friends however dont like it due to some very picky issues with the new edition over the previous edition. Personally I prefer this one to the previous one, Its far far more fluid, the commentating is absolutely spot on and the timing for responses is amazing. The new team editions for real strips is much better and the attention to player detail is phenominal. I used to be a Fifa guy about 5 years ago but this absolutely flaws Fifa in every way possible. Playability is fantastic and addictive. Well worth the money and addition to any football/sports fans game collection.

  9.  Keeeeeeerrrrching!


    Well I was new to playing the guitar hero series when I purchased GHII on the xbox 360 but became utterly addicted to it. I downloaded the demo of this on xbox live and i keep playing it over and over again. Its just a fantastic feel good game and lots of fun and now with a wireless controller which will make it far far better. Some new awesome songs as well as downloadable content! I cant wait, Ive got it on pre-order now!

    Want some fun in your life then get this

  10.  amazing


    I saw this at the cinema and I must say this is one of the best films I have ever seen. The story is fantastic and the Frank Miller Styling is fantastic and gives it a look and feel that makes you feel like you were there, the action sequences are fantastic. The blood and gore is straight out of one of Miller's comics and the acting is superb. Definately a must buy but not for the squeemish!