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  1.  More of the same !


    If you liked Black Ops and MW2 then you'll like this. New perks, kill streaks and maps make for a very manic multiplayer experience.

  2.  Just like the original, but better


    I am a fan of the N64 original and bought this in the hope that it would be close in terms of scale and gameplay. I must say the visuals and 3d on this are superb and the gameplay even more compelling. I've played all the 3DS games and this is by far the best. Buy.

  3.  Disappointing


    I'm a big Frost Peggy fan and love Spaced, Hot Fuzz and of course the legendary SOTD. It's worth noting that these were all directed by Edgar Wright with their creative input.
    I saw Paul at the cinema and, like everyone else expected more of the same. Unfortunately what followed was fart jokes and very flat humour, the Alien might as well have been a pixie for all the difference it made.
    This was their first outing without Edgar Wright and they admitted (on Kermode Radio 5) that they had to sacrifice creative input to satisfy the money men, it cost something like $50M.
    Very disappointing, worth renting but not buying.

  4.  Very cool but poor launch lineup


    I have the black 3ds with Pilot Wings and it's amazing how well the 3d actually works. Problem is there is a browser but you can't use it yet (awaiting update) and you can download games, but not yet (awaiting updates) and there are some amazing games coming (Zelda, Starfox etc) but not yet. The system is genuinely impressive but the launch games are lacking, Nintendo need to start getting these other features added asap or they will lose momentum.

  5.  Good 3d showcase


    I bought this with my 3ds and it does really show off the 'glasses free' 3D. Overall good game with missions and free flight mode allowing you to just fly around at all times of the day. Graphics are really good, just need a few more good games for the system.

  6. Moon



    16 New from  £7.95  Free delivery

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     Sci-Fi at its finest


    This has to be one of the best sci fi films since Aliens. It goes back to basics in terms of story and effects (although they are very believable) but it's pure genius and very genuine, i had in real expectations but if you're a fan of Blade Runner, Alien(s), Matrix etc..then this fits in that class.

  7.  Not bad but not COD


    let me say that from the outset that i've played both MW2 and BFBC online siginificantly and they both have different attributes. BFBC has huge maps and you have vehicles you can use but there are fewer online game modes than MW2. The weapons in BFBC also seem weaker than MW2. BFBC is aimed at more team play and the map design lent itself to campers and sniperswhich was frustrating. Finally the new 'perks' in MW2 allow for so much variation in play and can really add interest, this was lacking in BFBC. Both have amazing graphics and sound and it will come down to personal taste. in my view if you have 4 mates that regulary play online then maybe BFBC, if you're a 'lone wolf' and want some real fun and variety then MW2. i didnt pay the single player of either game.